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R.O.M. Volume 1 Number 1

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 Undated Premier Issue
1 2 Undated Special Space Game Issue
1 3 Undated Sid Meier Interview
1 4 Undated Mike Edwards Interview
1 5 Undated Space Station Z64
1 6 Undated Lord British Interview
1 7 Undated Bill Wilkinson Interview
1 8 Undated Robert Williams Interview
1 9 Undated *Missing from Collection*
1 10 February/March, 1985 Power without the Price

R.O.M. Magazine was a fairly amateurish attempt out of Canada that covered the Atari world. The first several issues were printed out on dot matrix printers and Xeroxed while later issues used a letter quality printer. Eventually the magazine was typeset.

The bulk of the contributions appear to have come from the same handful of authors. While there were plenty of interesting interviews and type-in programs I don't think this publication was able to compete with the likes of A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine and Antic Magazine.

(Submitted April 19, 2011 16:46:41 by Peter Ellison)

I was the Editor/Publisher of the first 9 issues...if you want scans of the covers I could send them to you...Interesting to see this on the net...

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