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Volume 1, Number 1 of Computer Notes

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 April 7, 1975 Altair BASIC - Up and Running
1 2 July, 1975 Altair... On the Road
1 3 August 1975 World's First Computer Store
1 4 September 1975 Byte'Tronics to Sell Altairs
1 5 October, 1975 Altair 680
1 6 November/December, 1975 Altair Convention
1 7 January, 1976 MITS Upgrades Altair 680
1 9* February, 1976 Software Winners to be Announced
1 10 March, 1976 Welcome to WACC
1 11 April 1976 WACC Demonstration Contest Grand Prize Winner - Don Alexander
1 12 May, 1976 Computer Stores Across the U.S.
* - Issue 8 was never published

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 June, 1976 Altair Draws Crowds at NCC
2 2 July 1976 The Mainframe of the Seventies - Altair 8800-b
2 3 August, 1976 Lemonade Computer Service Co.
2 4 September, 1976 Altair 7000 Graphics Printer
2 5 October, 1976 Memory Test
2 6 November, 1976 Special Software Issue
2 7 December, 1976 Small Computer Networking
2 8 January/February, 1977 BASIC File Handler
2 9 March, 1977 Personality Traits Affect Computer Programming
2 10 April, 1977 Altair Computer Reproduces Voice: Complex Waveforms Made Simple
2 11 May, 1977 Small Business Section

Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 June, 1977 Altair Timesharing BASIC
3 2 June, 1977 Program Development Section
3 3 August, 1977 New Altair Hands-on Savings
3 4 September, 1977 Build Your Own...
3 5 October, 1977 Special Software Issue
3 6 November, 1977 New! 88-MU1 Music Card
3 7 January/February, 1978 Computers in the Classroom

several issues of Computer Notes Magazine

Computer Notes was the official publication of the MITS Altair computer line. A one year subscription was provided to those who registered machines with an option to renew at the end of the free period.

The magazine, being a MITS publication, tended to focus on company news, product announcements and technical solutions.

I am pretty sure I have accumulated a complete set of this publication. If you know of any issues that I don't have, please let me know!

(Submitted October 17, 2007 18:53:20 by Gerry)

Your Computer Notes Vol. 1 Issue 6 should read November/December 1975 and not 1976. Looks like a typo. Very informative site. Keep up the great work.


(Submitted January 2, 2007 13:32:28 by TL Lull)

Sirs, The font you selected @ the top of this page is unreadable. I cannot figure out the last letter in the first name, or the first letter in the last name.

One cannot read the entire article article ALTAIR BASIC - UP AND RUNNING. This article is connected with a piece in The Seattle Post- Intelligencer. This newspaper has an article on page E1 entitled Language timeline tracks company's evolution, under that in a bold face type is the real title: A word with you, please, Microsoft.

I am not sure if their link with your website will be visited very much, but I could not see the entire article, and I hope that you could either email a copy to me, or that you could modify your site to let the public read the entire article.

Thank you,

TL Lull

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