Apple ][

Interior of the Apple ][

Introduced in 1977, the Apple ][ upped the ante on the Apple 1 by including a nice case, a quality keyboard and built-in color graphics and Integer BASIC in ROM. The machine had 8 slots and was expandable through them for additional functionality.

The Apple ][ keyboard

The Apple keyboard was nice for the day, but the return key was small and was right next to the reset key. This always caused me problems.

The Apple ][ logo plate

This Apple ][ came with an interesting add-on that I couldn't bring myself to remove - a nice solar calculator glued onto the case! I'm sure I could get it off easily enough, but I liked the irony of leaving it on.

Apple ][ documentation

The system came with a full set of documentation as well. It's a later Apple ][ so the "Red Book" wasn't part of the package.

This Apple ][ was generously donated by Ruth Standley.