Kaypro 10

Non Linear Systems began producing portable computers in 1983 starting with the Kaypro II. The Kaypro 10 was an addition to the Kaypro line that incorporated a built-in 10 megabyte hard drive for which the model was named.

Since the machine had the hard drive it was equipped with only one floppy.

Kaypro 10 Documentation

The Kaypro 10 in my collection is a very clean example with all of its documentation and original software. It came in its original box, although that's taken a bit of a beating with age.

The Kaypro 10 sealed up and ready for travel.

The Kaypro systems were bulky, even for luggables, but they were sturdy! Kaypro 10 Keyboard with Wordstar overlay

This Kaypro came with a nifty overlay that summarized the various WordStar commands. Useful for navigating that popular yet confusing package.