Kaypro 2x

Non Linear Systems began producing portable computers in 1983 starting with the Kaypro II. This machine was designed after the Osborne and had many of the same attributes. Of course, there would have been no reason to create it if there wasn't something better or different. The Kaypro line was built into tough metal cases that were tougher than the Osbornes yet these machines were somewhat lighter.

The Kaypro 2x was one of the last Kaypro models produced. It had 2 floppy drives, a 9 inch monitor (far larger then the Osborne) and a built-in modem (300 baud). It ran CP/M 2.2 just like the Osbornes and could even read and write Osborne disks.

The Kaypro in my collection is a very clean example with all of its documentation and original software. It also came complete with a Kaypro brand letter quality printer which uses daisy wheel technology.