Osborne 1

In 1980 Adam Osborne designed a portable computer based around the prevalent technology of the time: CP/M running on a Z80 microprocessor. His machine, introduced in 1981, was about the size of a small suitcase and was shaped to fit under an airline seat. Contained within this case were two 5.25 inch floppy drives and a small 52 character display. The computer was marketed "ready-to-go" and included several popular applications in its purchase price.

Osborne successfully marketed the Osborne 1 but mistimed the introduction of their next generation machine. The Osborne Executive was introduced well before its design had been completed and the introduction dried up the market for the still viable Osborne 1. By the time the Executive was released, Osborne was unable to recover and eventually folded.

This Osborne 1 in my collection is one of the early units in a brown case. It's a bit dinged up and still has a ComputerLand tag on the keyboard. It came with most of its original software and some of the original manuals and it still works very well.

The Osborne 1a Portable Computer

Another shot of the Osborne running.

A close up of the Osborne Screen

A close up of the Osborne Screen

The Osborne sealed up and ready for travel

The Osborne sealed up and ready for travel.