Osborne Executive

Osborne Executive Limited Osborne Employee Edition

The Osborne Executive in my collection is one of a limited number of personalized systems sold to Osborne Computer Corporation employees. The system sports a custom Executive nameplate etched with the owners name and the Osborne boot screen displays and scrolls that name when the system starts.

Osborne Executive Computer custom software

There was even some custom software that detected the custom ROMs.

Aside from that the computer is pretty much as it left the factory with all of the original documentation and more.

Even the original owners package with warrantee information was included.

The Osborne Executive closed up and ready to relocate.

The case for the Executive was very similar to the second generation Osborne 1a with a fan added on.

The biggest differences were internal where the monitor grew from 5 to 7 inches while the keyboard and the rest of the front panel were improved significantly.

Like the Osborne 1 the Executive shipped with a full suite of business software including Wordstar and SuperCalc.