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Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 January, 1977 Catalog from Mits
1 2 February, 1977 Catalog from Suntronix
1 3 March, 1977 Practical Microcomputer Programming
1 4 April, 1977 Interrupts Exposed
1 5 May, 1977 Clocked Logic
1 6 June, 1977 Build Your Own Interface
1 7 July, 1977 Catalog from The Computer Store
1 8 August, 1977 Catalog from Seals
1 9 September, 1977 Catalog Heath/The Computer Store
1 10 October, 1977 BASIC Timing Comparisons
1 11 November, 1977 Everything about Assemblers
1 12 December, 1977 TVT Hardware Design

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 January, 1978 Business Applications
2 2 February, 1978 How Are You Feeling Today?
2 3 March, 1978 Building the "Simple Computer"
2 4 April, 1978 Kilobaud's Mystery Program
2 5 May, 1978 PET's First Report Card
2 6 June, 1978 Taming the I/O Selectric
2 7 July, 1978 Two Hobbies: Model Railroading and Computing
2 8 August, 1978 DOCUFORM: A Word-Processing System for Everyone
2 9 September, 1978 (Con)text Editor
2 10 October, 1978 Budget System
2 11 November, 1978 Raster Scan Graphics for the 6800
2 12 December, 1978 A Sensible Alternative

Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 January, 1979 An Editor for 6800 BASIC Programs
3 2 February, 1979 Block-Structured Language for Microcomputers
3 3 March, 1979 Cheap Video for Your Heathkit H8
3 4 April, 1979 A Look at TRS-80 Peripherals
3 5 May, 1979 A Text Formatter in BASIC
3 6 June, 1979 "Monitor"
3 7 July, 1979 IC Logic Tester and Parallel I/O Expander
3 8 August, 1979 Cover Up
3 9 September, 1979 Microcomputing's Special Report on Video Terminals
3 10 October, 1979 Special Emphasis on 6800 Systems
3 11 November, 1979 Lower Case for Your Apple ][
3 12 December, 1979 Cover Story: Ithaca Intersystems' New Micro

Volume 4

Volume Issue Date Title
4 1 January, 1980 Computer Bulletin Board Systems
4 2 February, 1980 Computerized Flight Program for the H8
4 3 March, 1980 Income Taxes: Agonize or Computerize
4 4 April, 1980 Green Thumb Computing
4 5 May, 1980 "On the Air"
4 6 June, 1980 Microcomputers in Education
4 7 July, 1980 Put PET on the BUS. Mastering the IEEE 488
4 8 August, 1980 The 16-Bit Super Processors are Here!
4 9 September, 1980 A Revolution at Commodore?
4 10 October, 1980 Will Fate Shortchange Your Family's Future?
4 11 November, 1980 To Stop a Thief
4 12 December, 1980 Scroll Over, Beethoven - Tune Up Your Micro for Music

Volume 5

Volume Issue Date Title
5 1 January, 1981 Assemble a Super Business System
5 2 February, 1981 Microcomputing Expands Its Horizons
5 3 March, 1981 The H-89: Putting It All Together
5 4 April, 1981 Cleaning the Air of RFI
5 5 May, 1981 Trash Your Typewriter
5 6 June, 1981 Multiprocessor versus Multitask
5 7 July, 1981 Make a Scene With Your Micro
5 8 August, 1981 Six Unique Apple-cations
5 9 September, 1981 Learning with Computers
5 10 October, 1981 Communications
5 11 November, 1981 RX for Medicine
5 12 December, 1981 Great Expectations: Will IBM, Xerox deliver?

Volume 6

Volume Issue Date Title
6 1 January, 1982 Exploring Inner Space...Outer Space
6 2 February, 1982 Languages
6 3 March, 1982 Apple Blasts Off
6 4 April, 1982 Artifical Intelligence
6 5 May, 1982 Is Bigger Really Better
6 6 June, 1982 Networking is Here
6 7 July, 1982 Dateline: Afghanistan
6 8 August, 1982 Sinclair Does It Again
6 9 September, 1982 The Shapes To Come
6 10 October, 1982 Discover Spinwriter's Secret - Matchless Business Graphics
6 11 November, 1982 Micros in Hot Water
6 12 December, 1982 Disk Drive Demolition And How to Avoid It

Kilobaud Microcomputing was originally conceived as KiloByte Microcomputing but that name went unused as the publishers didn't feel like advertising their goals. The Kilobaud prefix was eventually removed as well and Microcomputing lived on.

Microcomputing was a typical general purpose Personal Computer magazine like Byte and Creative Computing. It offered product reviews, technical information and the occasional program listing for the reader to type in.

(Submitted March 2, 2012 17:35:27 by Ralph)

Kilobaud was the publication that cemented my involvement in computers. I bought the first three issues from Digital Design, a computer store in Madeira, Ohio, in 1977. It was great reading them cover to cover, and also seeing the ads for the ECD Micromind in the back.

(Submitted October 2, 2011 04:09:12 by Warren Harrison)

Wow! This page brings back memories! I published the first magazine articles I ever wrote in Kilobuad Microcomputing in the early 1980s.

(Submitted June 25, 2009 13:01:10 by Alan Ragsdale)

Great magazine! My wife is maling me sell my old electronic stuff, and I must part with my 16 volume set of KiloBaud :-( I have 16 Great Issues, a Blast from the Past! Titled kilobaud with subtitle: Understandable for beginners... interesting for experts. And to the side : The small computer Magazine. I'm the original owner of this sequential set of 16 magazines, starting with two #1, Jan. 1977 issues, and ending with Mar. 1978. I have had them boxed tightly for 30 years and they are in very good condition. I can send pictures for those who need to see these fine antiques. One sale at

Thanks, Alan

(Submitted May 17, 2009 08:26:10 by Bob)

When I first spotted (and bought) Kilobaud Issue #15 (March 1978) on the shelf of the local electronics store, I knew I wanted to get into computers! I dreamed of building the Home-Brew computer as written about in the article in that magazine. Never did, but just four l-o-n-g years later, I bought the Sinclair ZX-81 computer and the rest as they say is history. I still have my Kilobaud magazine, including that first one I bought back in 1978.

(Submitted April 29, 2009 10:22:22 by (a href=mailto:)Mortar(/a))

After trying to get through one issue, I decided this mag was waaay out of my league. I guess a mag that uses their contents page as the front cover should've been a clue.

(Submitted October 12, 2008 08:28:56 by John)

Looking for all articles in 1980 on the 1802. One author identified is Dan Rubris. In particular, the EPROM burner board for Netronics ELF...Thanks!

(Submitted July 21, 2007 17:13:56 by Mike Garrambone)

Looking for an article/program on Fox and Hounds game to be found in Kilobaud Microcomputing vol 2, issue 9, 21 Sep 1978, Page 62-. All help appreciated as I am looking to reconstruct the code as a training game

(Submitted July 5, 2007 17:10:14 by J. Gardner)

The original name for the magazine was supposed to be Kilobyte Microcomputing because the founder, Wayne Green, lost control of Byte Magazine (which he also founded) in an acrimonious divorce settlement with his wife. He wanted to convey the impression that his new magazine would kill Byte magazine.

(Submitted May 17, 2006 10:58:26 by Joseph Totter)

Is there any way I can get a copy KILOBAUD MICROCOMPUTING #53 May 1981 It has a schematic of the National Semiconductor Digitalker that I need.

Joe Totter

(Submitted February 14, 2006 21:21:44 by R.J. Maurer)

I came accross my old copy of kilobaud issue #6 tonight and after looking through it searched the web for sites pertaining to kilobaud magazine. Found this page. Cool magazine. It was my favorite at the time. Byte was very good too.

(Submitted February 7, 2005 13:18:47 by Carl Nelson)

I have a complete set of the early Kilobaud magazines. Also I have one of the first TRS- 80s. Uses a tape player for storage. It still works. Original monitor included. Would you be interested?

(Submitted January 13, 2005 19:26:21 by ronaldruskowsky)


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