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MITS Altair 680

Manufacturer MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems
Model 680b
Date Announced October 1975
Date Canceled 1979
Number Produced Thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price $300 kit, $400 assembled
Current Value $500+
Processor Motorola 6800
Speed .5 MHz
RAM 1K base, expandable to 64K
ROM 1K ROM Monitor (turnkey)
Storage Optional paper tape, tape and disk subsystems
Video None
I/O Serial/Current Loop
OS Options MITS DOS on disk subsystems
Notes X
Related Items in Collection MITS Altair 8800, MITS Altair 8800a, MITS Altair 8800BT and other S-100 and 8080 based machines.
Related Items Wanted Original Altair 680 documentation, software on tape, peripherals and just about anything Altair related.

The Altair 680b in my collection is in excellent condition and is supposed to be working. I haven't had much time to really test it out, but will do so and update these pages in time.

Until then, pictures will have to suffice.

Interior shot of the MITS Altair 680

(Submitted April 4, 2009 17:35:44 by Zane)

If anyone has one of these that they are about to throw out or do not want anymore please donate it to my collection, I am trying to incorporate earlier computers into my collection.


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