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Osborne Newsletter v1 n1

ON (Osborne Newsletter) was a rather crudely done 6-8 page monthly newsletter for Osborne Computers.

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 April 1982 Interfacing Printers to Wordstar
1 2 May 1982 Graphics for the O-1
1 3 June 1982 Focus on User Groups
1 4 July 1982 Software Review
1 5 (mislabled 6) August 1982 Software Evaluation
1 6 & 7 September/October 1982 Unsticking the Keys
1 8 November 1982 Invaders
1 9 December 1982 Key Redefining

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 January 1983 Wordstar Tips
2 2 February 1983 Book Review
2 2 February 1983 Data Entry using Mail Merge
2 4 April 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 5 May 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 6 June 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 7 July 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 8 August 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 9 September 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 10 October 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 11 November 1983 *Missing from Collection*
2 12 December 1983 *Missing from Collection*

The Osborne Newsletter appears to have been a mostly one-man product printed on a dot-matrix printer and photocopied onto thick paper stock for mailing.

I have the first 11 issues and no idea if the publication ever went past that.

Additional information and issues are, of course, appreciated.

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