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SCCS Interface Magazine Volume 1, Number 1

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 September, 1975 Newsletter Volume 1, Number 1*
1 2 October Newsletter Volume 1, Number 2*

* Prior to publication of the slicker magazine style newsletter the SCCS published two issues of a black and white photocopied newsletter.

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 December, 1975 The People Computer
1 2 January, 1976 The First 100 Days
1 3 February, 1976 Introduction to Microprocessor Technology
1 4 March, 1976 Serial Communications
1 5 April, 1976 Bubble Memory is Coming!
1 6 May, 1976 War of the Microprocessors
1 7 June, 1976 The Star Trek Game
1 8 July, 1976 Special Hardware Edition
1 9 December, 1976* Computer Stores
1 10 January, 1977 Low Cost Graphing
1 11 February, 1977 An SCCS Purchase Plan
1 12 July The SCCS Music Symposium

* The gap between Volume 1, Number 8 and Volume 1, Number 9 was caused by a conflict with the publisher of SCCS Interface. The folks doing the magazine for the SCCS decided to launch their own magazine, to be called "Interface Age Magazine."

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 August, 1977 Product Evaluation
2 2 September, 1977 The Computer Tree

I am unaware of any further publication of SCCS Interface or SCCS Microcomputer Interface from this point on. If you are aware of any other issues, please let me know.

SCCS Interface Newsletter Volume 1, Number 1

SCCS Interface Newsletter Volume 1, Number 2

(Submitted November 21, 2005 14:19:13 by Edwin Hampton)

a clairafication of my earlier comments. If you read page one of SCCS Interface Volume 1, Issue 9, December 1976, it states .......shortly after I became editor, our publishing service informed us that they had decided to publish their own independent magazine. A lot of time has been spent in seaarching for new people to replace them. That is why SCCS Interface number 8 is July, 1976 and number 9 is December 1976. The indepentent magazine became Interface Age with its first issue August 1976 Volume 1 issue 9. Do you know if a volume 1 #3 newsletter,was published for November 1975? I have # 1 & 2 for September & October 1975 (10 cents postage). E.H.

(Submitted January 8, 2005 13:53:43 by Joe)

The system of volumes is a little strange as they do not run from Jan-Dec like you would think. I have 6 issues here and they do not run that way. Vol 1, Issue 9 for example is dated Dec '76. Issues 10 and 11 are dated Jan and Feb '77 respectively, but issue 12 did not come out until July '77. Volume 2 issues 1 and 2 are then dated Aug and Sep '77 respectively and that's all the issues that I own.

(Submitted December 30, 2004 17:31:02 by Ross)

Most of the 1st two years worth (including the rare newsletters from before the magazine was started) is available -- currently on auction at eBay if you're interested!

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