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Timex Sinclair User Number 1

Timex Sinclair User was a nice glossy magazine devoted to the TS-1000 and Sinclair ZX80/81. The magazine contained the usual array of expected content including technical articles and program listings.

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 Undated 1983 Write a Program and Win a Fortune
1 2 June 1983 Kids and Computers
1 3 July 1983 *Missing from Collection*
1 4 August 1983 *Missing from Collection*
1 5 September 1983 *Missing from Collection*
1 6 October 1983 *Missing from Collection*
1 7 November 1983 *Missing from Collection*
1 8 December 1983 *Missing from Collection*

I only have the first two issues of this publication which ran for a total of 134 until April of 1993. Additional issues and information are welcome.

(Submitted June 16, 2011 16:25:53 by Brian Swanson)

I noticed I have one issue in my box of Sinclair books:

Timex Sinclair User Volume 1 Issue 5 Convert your computer to color

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