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  1. Photos - 1950's Mainframe Modules, Tubes, and Such Exhibit

    Quote Originally Posted by Marty View Post
    Hi Bill;
    Do You have much in Univac Stuff or just a small rack and some Core ?? Even though I would like to see what part of the Univac that rack is from..
    Thank You Marty
    No other UniVAC .. I have some Burroughs and other misc 60's stuff, but I donated most of the big items to the MARCH museum.

    Related note... I helped rescue an actual complete UNIVAC 1219-ii system a couple of years ago for the MARCH museum. Filled a huge truck with components ...
  2. Xerox 6060

    Quote Originally Posted by barythrin View Post
    Sorta interesting (yes sorry for the old thread) but the name on ebay caught my eye. There's a Xerox 6060 (case only) on ebay right now which I was curious as I wasn't aware of Xerox's attempt at a PC compatible. What's more interesting (to me) is apparently it's ALSO the Olivetti M24 (same as AT&T 6300).
    I was going to buy a complete 6060 off of eBay awhile back, only to see it purchased a day before I was ready to buy. I have the official documentation and disks for the system, ...
  3. PC-6300 and a Future Domain TMC-850M SCSI Controller, locking up the system

    There's probably a better place to put this post, but since it came up...

    I've located the booklet--actually about 20 pages (AT&T pub 999-300-3091S) that gives instructions for upgrading to the 1.43 BIOS. It came with 2 EPROMs and 1 PAL, identified as "PAL 90" and as a "memory decoder PAL". It replaces PAL49 at position 2P on the motherboard.

    There's some additional information regarding switches and disks in the booklet as well. In particular, ...
  4. Wrangling an Apple ADC Studio Display onto a G3 Powermac DVI (Part 1)

    One of Apple's worst-ever design cul-de-sacs was the Apple Digital Connector (ADC). Apparently their design teams sit around a kitchen table to brainstorm, and sometimes take too much coffee or other stimulants.

    After the industry standard for Digital Video Interface (DVI) was well established, Apple decided it was not good enough for Apple. The full DVI-I standard has 24 pins in a 8x3 matrix, plus 4 pins grouped around a crossed blade slot. The blade is common ground, the 4 adjacent ...
  5. Wrangling an Apple ADC Studio Display onto a G3 Powermac DVI (Part 2)


    1. DVI and ADC connectors.

    ADC is fully obsolete and DVI increasingly rare. I needed right-angle through-hole sockets of both types. On a lead from one of the DIY blogs I found them available at at a good price.

    2. Prototype board.

    Sadly DVI and ADC connectors are built on a 1.9mm grid-pattern for which no standard proto-board exists. The nearest is a 2mm grid known as "Euro-board" among ...
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