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  • Apple software on The Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace

    One of our members has started posting a metric buttload of Apple ][, ][+, //e, //c software to The Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace. We're talking older titles like Skyfox, Seven Cities of Gold, Bards Tale and more as well as some of the later stuff on 3.5" for late Apple // era stuff.

    All told, if you've got an Apple ][ family system you're likely to find something you like in the collection.

    If not there's still lots of other stuff on The Marketplace to peruse.
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    1. willowmoon93's Avatar
      willowmoon93 -
      Looks like this no longer applies as someone bought out the whole lot of Apple II games as of Aug 31st, even with bids on the existing auctions, based on what the seller put out there as a revised description on the auctions. Oh well !!!
    1. Anonymous Freak's Avatar
      Anonymous Freak -
      Dang it! I was waiting for them to get closer to close before bidding on the IIgs games that were in there.
    1. Geo3's Avatar
      Geo3 -
      He pulled the ones from the auction here. He still had most from the "want ads". Those I never really knew about. Never really checked the want ads here.. But some of those have wound up on EBay going some really high prices in the hundreds and the auctions are not over. Was interested in some educational and one shareware. He said he was going to get back to me. Since he was successful on EBay, with $$$ I think they may all go there to see what he can get for them.