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  • Announcing the reboot of IMSAI and the IMSAI series 2 systems

    I've been using this site for years, and personally knowing Erik makes this the ideal place do drop this bomb. This has been in the works for a while and Todd and I have a tentative agreement where I'm going to purchase IMSAI IP and remaining inventory including the prototype's and info for the series 2. This is something I debated for a while because it is a big responsibility to take over an icon like IMSAI and attempt to release new products in a vintage format under the name. In order to raise the capital needed to purchase the IP, I will start a Kickstarter project shortly that will ask for help to raise the funds needed to "Save IMSAI". This campaign is not about making money but saving an icon. I'm asking for everybody's help and there will be small rewards in return for donations to the project. Anybody who has done business with me knows how much I care about the kits I produce and making sure they are happy with them. None of that will change and now we can look forward to new S100 systems rolling out after the purchase. So with that said, I'm going to do something I don't like to do and asking for help from the community. In return, I promise to work my hardest to roll out new products under the IMSAI name while retaining the vintage essence. Once the Kickstarter project is up you will get the chance to donate to "Saving the IMSAI" and in return I will try to give some type of small reward. Larger donations will receive something like a T-shirt saying "I saved IMSAI" and maybe even a special wall page on the website showing a list of contributor's. If we don't raise the money, we don't purchase IMSAI and it falls through the cracks. I feel I can give IMSAI new life. I'd like to hear everybody's opinion on this.

    Vince Briel
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