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Something OLD... something new...

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As in learned knowledge...

Today I learned that the 1500 may have a problem in the charging/power circuit(s)...
While 'playing' with the 'broken' 1800 I noticed that w/o the battery contacts connected the charge light BLINKED yellow when it would normally sit SOLID yellow while charging. I presumed that it was due to a flaw in the system board, considering the battery-acid damage.
The 2810 arrived today and did the exact same thing with the battery removed. The (impeccable) books that came with it confirm that it SHOULD blink when the P/S is attached and the battery is removed, so the 1500, which does NOT do that, has another problem to resolve. Fortunately it is one of the minor issues with that system.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the newly-acquired 2810hd... There is a 'power-on' problem with it... it will 'blink on' for a VERY short time and 'die' again. The power supply has been confirmed good, as have all the fuses I could find (tho there MAY be one 'missing')...
It did not come with any 'goodies' so I cannot reverse-engineer a modem as I hoped... and, naturally it has no expansion memory... which UNFORTUNATELY is 35 PIN, like the 1500... making the 1800 the only one that uses NORMAL memory. Go figure.

Whoever had it before managed to hose the HD too... They went so far as to LOSE the gasket between the lid and the base, and attempted to 'replace' it with EPOXY... I think. If that's what it was, it was POORLY mixed... as it wasnt EVEN solid! I attempted to clean it but naturally it has UNLIMITED faults... and is unuseable. IF I had the proper-size tools I would attempt to frankenstein the two 'bad' ones into one 'good' one, but that can always happen later!

I SHOULD be receiving schematics for the 2810 by download soon. I BELIEVE that the power/charging circuits for all 3 machines are 'close enuf' to the same that I will be able to fix the 1500's issue as well.

Oh yeah... time to order some 'stuff' to make removing the SMD 'easy'...

So, what was the 'old'?
A long forgotten algebraic equation (being bad at algebra...),
The value of an item purchased on ebay is INVERSELY proportional to the amount paid for it.
But did get the guy to refund $20 because of the hard drive... and the same on the 'expensive' 1800 due to the battery damage. So...

Not exactly breaking even, but the CHEAP machine is the one that runs!

It figgers!

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Updated May 13th, 2010 at 01:17 AM by leeb

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