IBM PS/2 Owners

  1. Yzzerdd
    Welcome to the group! I welcome you to post your IBM systems here and pictures as well.
    Mine as follows:
    IBM PS/2 70-386
    IBM PS/2 80-386
  2. Kaypro
    I've only got one...

    IBM PS/2 Model 50
  3. Spankmd
    I have two 9595, two 9590, one 9576, one 8573-401 and a 9533. (and some other non PS/2 oddities)
  4. Mike Chambers
    Mike Chambers
    i've got a model 8580, with the 386 DX/16. it's a beast! maxed out with 16 MB of RAM. it has a Debian 2.1 installation on it, as well as dual boot with DOS. i upgraded the hard drive to a 1 GB DEC SCSI. it has apache on the linux install, but i have no idea what to host on it.
  5. DOS lives on!!
    DOS lives on!!
    The two that I have are a Model 50 and a Model 30-286. I'll post some pictures soon. The Model 50's clock battery is now working and the hard drive is bad.
  6. Denniske1976
    Just picked up a bunch of these, most of them work

    - 1 x Model 30 286
    - 1 x Model 50
    - 2 x Model 56sx
    - 1 x Model 56SLC2
    - 1 x Model 65sx
    - 2 x Model 70 (a very old one from 1988 and a newer one with a smaller system board and IBM CPU, the newer one has a defect floppy drive, the old one works 100% and I think it's the coolest hehe)
  7. [UFO]
    Hi there! I have a beautiful 8580-A31 with a 386-25, a Seagate 1GB SCSI but without RAM. Trying to revive it!
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