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Thread: Not Retro - but related to the podcast...

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    Default Not Retro - but related to the podcast...

    I know that someone will start this, so I might as well...

    Carrington - Curious how your time capsule saga is going?

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    Indeed Carrington, do tell. How goes the quest to unearth the gems?
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    So far, so little. The time capsule is *still* sealed up and on display in the Xerox building, weeks and weeks after the supposed deadline for opening it. I went there on Thursday and spoke again to building management, but so far I can't seem to get anyone who actually wants to *do* anything about it.

    They all acknowledge it should be opened. They all acknowledge they should make an event of it, bring in the mayor etc., because of all the "Famous People's Stuff" in there along with my little essay. But nobody actually *does* anything about it.

    I'm not sure at what point I'll decide that Me + Screwdriver = Solution, but that equation is looking more and more accurate by the day.

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    Is THIS the time capsule, btw???


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    Haha, yes it is! In fact, if you look at the video where they show everyone more so-called famous than me putting their stuff inside the capsule, you can see a rolled up white item in a vertical tube. That's my essay! Suck it, so-called famous people, I got there first.

    And when you watch the video, listen to all the talk about the year 2011. Lies! All lies!


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