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    The Vintage Computer will once again be participating in the Bay Area Maker Faire.

    The description I submitted for this years effort was:

    Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the first consumer grade personal computers as introduced at the 1977 Consumer Electronics Show. Functional examples of Apple ][, Commodore PET and TRS-80 Model I microcomputers will be available for visitors to play with and enjoy. Also, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spacewar - one of the earliest video games and the world's first shooter - an early microcomputer based version will be on hand for players to try their hand. Just for fun we'll also have a MITS Altair running a teletype.
    If you are in the Bay Area and can possibly make it to Maker Faire you should seriously consider it. It's a wonderful event and vintage computing is only a tiny bit of the spectacle.

    I am on the lookout for volunteers to help man the booth as well so if you are interested in that please drop me a note!


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    Erik, I will be there demonstration my Altair 8800micro systems! I'll look for you. I get up there Friday the 18th and I'm leaving on Monday.
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