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Thread: P2/P3 parts needed for benchmark (Was: A modest proposal...

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    Default P2/P3 parts needed for benchmark (Was: A modest proposal...

    That doesn't involve selling your children as food!

    but seriously, I'm working on a HUGE project with a couple other collectors of "vintage" hardware. To get to the point, one of us decided to benchmark every 486 class processor. Well it was so popular he is now doing a 686 class benchmark and that's why I am here. If this project is successful it will likely lead to a "3rd generation" esque set with processors from 450-1400. ANYWAY...

    To complete the data set, we are looking for the following items:

    1. Socket 4 motherboard
    2. 2x Pentium Pro processors with 512kb cache. (I'd be keeping these for use in a project)
    3. Socket 4 overdrive
    4. pentium 2/3 xeon chips

    I have the "regular" chip for #1. In fact it was donated to me by someone on another forum. #4 is tricky. I have an asus xg-dls, so I'm practically the only one with a board to properly do the benchmarks. Most slot-2 boards were very proprietary and by using a "regular" board, the hope is to isolate the processor and not have the board be an influence. The problem here is there are a LOT of processors in this category. 6 pentium 2 xeons and like 20 pentium 3's. I have a pair of 900mhz chips and I never considered buying others... anyway it would be easier and cheaper to just get some ES chips so I can set the multiplier and do the benchmarks. Then one for each level of cache. (512,1m,2m) The savings is more pronounced with the pentium 3 class chips, but the results will be the same. The 133mhz fsb chips will be covered later, as the 133fsb xeons were nothing more than normal p3's but in slot 2 packages.

    p3-900-2m (got this one covered)

    So, if you have one of the above 17 processors and are willing to lend it to me, please shoot me a PM. Also, if you have one of the other items on the above list please also let me know. If you have this socket 4 board (and or socket 4 overdrive): let me know where to send a blank check... I've wanted to build a dos powered socket 4 hotrod for quite a while. Again this only needs to be a loan. I will return anything you want me to, at my own cost no less. And for the record, having more cache doesn't affect benchmarks so much as games do. At least thats the trend with pentium pro chips...
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    I will keep an eye out for anything cheap in the US, as it would be way cheaper than shipping from here
    seeing I have everything on your want list sitting here

    if i find any.. I will PM you for an addy so I can ship direct

    Quote Originally Posted by luckybob View Post
    I've wanted to build a dos powered socket 4 hotrod for quite a while.
    bet you would love my quad socket 4 system then
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    I know this is not quite what you all are thinking but wouldn't it be cheaper/quicker to publish the benchmark tool and gather the results?
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    yes to an extent. that said, the idea is to vary the non-processor hardware as little as possible. A different video card, even the same make/model but agp will change some results. The idea is to keep these "errors" as minimal as possible. I have everything set up already, with the registered software needed to run everything, so I just assumed that sending me a processor and me mailing it back would be the best way. That said, it looks like neon is going to be helping out, and I appreciate that a lot. Here is the thread on vogons:

    several benchmarks are games. most notably, quake 2 and MDK. We are using a matrox G200 with the 8mb memory upgrade. Our bios settings are "standardized" to the biggest degree possible. I'm just saying, I have the free time and the setup to do it, I just need to borrow some chips.
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