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Thread: TRS-80 model II boot disk

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    Are you talking about where they run the lines back to an internal terminator via a dongle-like thing ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patscc View Post
    Are you talking about where they run the lines back to an internal terminator via a dongle-like thing ?
    That's it.

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    Hello guys, thanks for the replies!

    I'd check the drive again, there was a part missing
    to press the disk onto the head. I realy don't know how to call it.
    I'd took it from one of the tree other drives which is missing the PCB.


    The error is now constantly "BOOT ERROR TK"
    It seems to be a not usable boot disk according this website:

    Besides, the bootdisk was in the machine when I got it.
    So maybe it got zapped the last time it was used?

    The disk terminator is in the right place. (But if I remove
    it the "BOOT ERROR TK" message still appears. No changes.)

    If I place any other non-bootable disk into the machine the
    message "BOOT ERROR RS" appears. Which means
    "No radio shack operating system format"

    So I really think the boot disk is erased...

    Regards, Roland
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    It's more than likely the disk got hosed. Trying to use the drive with the missing felt pad wouldn't do it any miracles either.
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    Download this PDF.

    Check PG 16. If this is the floppy controller you have, then you have the later revision and do not require a terminator loopback.

    If you are using an original Radio Shack floppy diskette, I'm not surprised it's dead. I haven't found an original RS 8" disk that works. If you look at the disk you will see concentric circles on the disk surface where the oxide has been scraped off by the head like a scratch and win lottery card.

    If you wind up needing a good boot disk, send me a private message via the forum with your snail mail address.



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    It is not uncommon (and actually recommended practice) to transport a machine/drive with the cardboard insert OR a 'sacrificial' disk... to prevent 'head damage'.

    It is (unfortunately) possible that the head is off by 'just enough' to keep it from reading properly... but it would be best to try a KNOWN GOOD disk first before going all hinky on the drive.

    Were you referring to the arm with the head on it? OR the 'other side'??? (hopefully!!!)
    IF it IS the head-side, you likely have MAJOR alignment issues... unless you got SUPER-LUCKY!

    Will hope for better things!


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