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Thread: Just listed fully working Sharp Pc 7000, how would I ship it?

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    Default Just listed fully working Sharp Pc 7000, how would I ship it?

    Hi Folks,
    I've just listed a fully working Sharp PC7000 wth its original dos disks and manuals plus an office suite program and an astrology program for it, on the UK ebay. However, what I'd like to ask you, is, if I get a buyer from the USA, which carrier service would you guys trust to ship it, if you were the buyer? I don't want to risk it arriving anywhere not working, but have never needed to package and send a computer before :/
    sue in uk

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    It really doesn't matter since you don't have any idea what outsourcing scheme the original shipping company will use to get it across the pond. Just insure it for its full value.
    * If you're looking for DS/DD or DS/HD 3.5" or 5.25" floppy disks, PM me. I've got plenty of new, used and reformatted/overlabled disks for sale. *
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    Nice of you to ask. I don't recall if I've ever ordered anything overseas before personally but all I would really do is pack it well or double box it (pack it so when they toss it up and down while ignoring the fragile stickers if any they can't do too much damage), add tracking information if that works (although I recall that stopping once it leaves the country?) and insurance and the buyer should be happy. Still if a buyer did mane an offer you could certainly ask them if they have a preferred courier or price a few.
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    Thank you very much all........ I know it can be insured, but it would be SUCH a shame for it to end up damaged........ being a woman I'm quite emotionally invested in it really :/ us women huh?!
    My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 ...sheeshhhh...going back some there......through the gamut of Spectrum 32 & 64, then the Sharp portable, and Amstrad desktop, Viglen desktop, Mitac palm, then a whole host of laptops and now iPads. Still have the Mitac handheld in working order..and a MINT Toshiba Libretto.....
    And as for operating systems.... lol.... the shrill noise of loading from a casette tape for the joy of playing ping pong in black and white....
    and having to learn to use Linux, and file sharing before the web existed..ha! And having to load your Dos everytime u booted up before you could load any other programme....
    No I can't design a computer game, or even remember how to write those sweet little quirky Dos programmes anymore.... but over 31 years I've experienced computers

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    Default printers

    oooooohhh and did I mention printers.....they're the bane of my life!! It all went downhill with my first dot matrix and pesky ASCII codes and to this day me and printers just ain't friendly with each other ...... what does a girl have to do to get one that doesn't jam up, doesn't feed ten sheets through at a time instead of one, doesn't leak ink, has more than 5 ml ink in a cartridge.....doesn't automatically do a head clean every time u turn it on, lets you properly store yur printng prefernces so u don't have to fiddle on every blinking time...... maybe I'm just a tad demanding.....but if I've paid 299 for an Epson Claria six ink system all singing but as it turns out, no dancing printer...i EXPECT it NOT to drive me nuts..... *SIGH*

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    lol sounds like you should hang out here with the rest of us. We always love hearing folks reminisce and I think we all here have some emotional attachment to our beloved classics so you're not at all alone there. We're like one big happy hoarding support group j/k. That sharp portable is pretty cool and wish you luck finding a nice home for it. I love the uniqueness of the design. At first it looked like it might be like a Compaq Portable III or like the IBM P70 but the more I saw the more unique it appears. Two 5.25s in the side?

    Out of curiosity what led you to the Sharp as a purchase back then?
    Looking to acquire: IBM 5100, Altair 8800

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    Ah well Sir....... he he....... its looks if you know what I mean
    I'm a sucker for good design in anything! And of course anything that looks like a Ladies handbag ........ lol
    I wanted a portable, and at the time, if my memory serves me right, I think the only other thing around in the UK was the Amstrad portable which was UGLY and clunky. It's kinda very British in style I think..... there's a simple clean line to it, an understated elegance, even though it's chunky and heavy, which sounds typically like a bit of female paradoxical thinking....hhhmmmm...sort of the iPad of its time.
    And I just LOVE well as an iPad 1, iPad 2, 2x iPhone 3gs, an iTouch, iShuffle, 1st gen apple TV, I've got four laptops, and the Toshiba Libretto, the Mitac....various bits kit like 2x Sony Clie, ..ummmmmm.....ummmmm. a Palm, ummm....3x Psions including a 3c......
    various misclellaneous electronic cameras, and various gizmooooooos
    .....u see.......when your don't have a man to answer toooooooo..and the money you earn is our own........
    and you don't have a penchant for frilly frocks of Jimmy Chou shoooes.....
    you can buy what you bloody well want.....

    oh and I like cars....... the Bugatti Veyron sort

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    Wink err hem

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    Nothing wrong with clean design. There was a thread here a few months back on a gnarly French video terminal, and the Lear-Siegler ADM 3 & 5's are kinda organically sexy, at least for a terminal.
    [b]sue uk said[b]
    doesn't leak ink, has more than 5 ml ink in a cartridge
    You forgot dries out. I switched to laser for precisely that reason. Just got fed up with cheapo inket mechanisms.
    Or maybe, if you're in a vintage mood, switch to a nice,old-fashioned drum printer, like this one:



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