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    Default Commodore Datasette mod

    I have some non working Commodore datasettes and I plan to fix them and upgrade them to store data at much higher data rates.
    first I will have a C2N232 a datasette to rs232 adapters that's good up to 38400 bps full-duplex circuit and a small 14.4k modem to use to encode the data onto the tape, it looks like there will be enough audio bandwidth for 2 modem channels per side on the audio tape in the mono datasette so I will have switches for normal to high data rate, and channel 1 to 2, I will have to work out a good system to keep the speed consent, maybe I will have to fit a stepper motor?

    what do you think about modding non working Commodore hardware?

    this will be to use with a damaged commodore 4016 and working commodore 8032
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