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Thread: "Retro"-games? I never stopped playing them..

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    Default "Retro"-games? I never stopped playing them..

    Partially because my 90MHz Pentium got outdated, but mostly because new games weren't worth upgrading it for, I've kept playing games from 80's and early-to-mid 90's to this day. And even though I have a modern computer nowadays, for internet and whatnot, the modern games still don't seem to do it for me. I'm currently building what I would have considered a dream-PC in 1995..

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    Sounds like the rest of us...

    But it's addictive. Especially the more you hang around here and get reminded of more and more parts that you always wanted and could never get

    I'll agree with you about the games. After Doom, it was years before people realized that there were other games besides FPS and FPS/RPG hybrids that could be made! I personally still love adventure games as well as platform games. If you haven't already, check out some of the new "retro" games coming out, including Space Venture from the Two Guys from Andromeda, Wasteland 2 from inXile Entertainment, Volgarr the Viking from Crazy Viking Studios, Leisure Suit Larry from Replay Games, Jack Houston and the Necronauts by Warbird Games and oh so many more....

    Community-based funding has proven that there's still a demand for older-style adventure/platform games with newer-style graphics and controls, and I think that the game makers are finally listening! And I couldn't be more glad...

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