Hardware:8bit Friendly ISA VGA cards

200px|thumb|top|an example of a Video Card, in this case an Oak OTI037C
Here's a place to list and document any 16-bit ISA VGA cards that work in 8-bit ISA slots.
There are a few VGA cards that are manufactured as 16-bit ISA, but will function properly in an 8-bit ISA slot. Some cards may require a jumper change or other modifications to work in an 8-bit ISA slot. Please post any information you may have here.

  • VGA Wonder (autosense)
  • Mach-8 (JU1 to position 2/3)
  • Ultra (JU1 to position 2/3)

[top]Cirrus Logic

  • CL-GD5320 chipset (JP6 to position 1/2)
  • CL-GD5402 chipset (autosense)
  • GD5426

  • Gotham Pass 4 TV/VGA Output.

[top]Oak Technology

  • OTI037C
  • OTI067 (autosense)
  • OTI077


  • TVGA 8800CS (one or more jumpers have to be changed, Information varies)
  • TVGA 8900 (one or more jumpers have to be changed, Information varies) (manual for 8900D)
  • TVGA 9000

  • ET4000 chipset XVGA based card from Focus Information Systems Inc. (autosense)
  • ET4000 chipset from Diamond Speedstar. (switches 1/3 off)

[top]Western Digital

  • Paradise VGA Professional Card (autosense, WD PVGA1B chipset)
  • Paradise 4088
  • Paradise 4089
  • Paradise88 VGA

[top]Unknown Manufacter

  • AVGA1 chipset, FCC NO:EUNLEOVGA-10710 (autosense)

[top]Video Seven

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