Systems:IBM PS/2 Model 25

System Specs:
Intel 8086 CPU running at 8mhz
512 or 640k RAM
Single or Dual 720k 3.5" Floppy drives
Optional 20mb Hard disk (supposedly ST506 signaling on proprietary connector on planar)
MCGA Graphics with 12" CRT
2 ISA Slots (8-bit)

The hard disks that were used in these commonly fail and most users would install some kind of Hard Card, SCSI card, or IDE card for connecting more common hard drives.

Another useful upgrade is to replace the Intel 8086 with an NEC V30, this should allow the computer to run Windows 3.0 with the VGA driver, as well as SOME other applications that would normally require an 80286, as the V30 has SOME (but not all) of the 286 instructions. It will also boost 8086 native code execution speed approximately 5% due to being able to execute some operations in one clock cycle that would take a native 8086 multiple clock cycles to complete. Contrary to what the Windows 3.0 setup says, the MCGA driver works fine on the 8086 CPU.


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