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Apple IIe

Manufacturer Apple Computer Corporation
Model Apple IIe
Date Announced 1983
Date Canceled 1985
Number Produced Hundreds of thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price $1,400
Current Value $0-$50
Processor MOS 6502
Speed 1 MHz
RAM 128K
ROM 16K ?
Storage 5.25" or 3.5" floppy drive
Expansion 8 slots
Bus Apple
Video Apple II video: 140x192, 280x192 and others, 16 colors, TV or composite monitor
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options Apple DOS, ProDOS, CP/M with Z80 card
Notes The Apple IIe was a late replacement for the surprisingly long lived Apple ][ line. It had twice the RAM, twice the ROM, 80 column support and upper and lower case support built in.
Related Items in Collection Duodisk 5.25" floppy drive, some manuals, Apple ][ software plus other Apple ][ class computers including Apple IIe Platinum and Apple //c
Related Items Wanted Additional documentation, software and cards.

The Apple IIe was Apples successor to the Apple ][+. It had more RAM and a few other improvements over the older Apple model.

Thank you to Sellam Ismail who donated this machine.

Since Sellam's kind donation I've acquired another Apple //e in exceptional cosmetic and functional condition along with a duo-disk drive and display. It also came with a whole bundle of software and documentation as well as some peripherals including a nice printer.

(Submitted April 25, 2012 08:58:19 by Dylan P)

I just recently acquired an Apple IIe, complete with two Disk II drives, however, it was missing any sort of DOS disk, and also the BASIC disk. If there is anyone who might have at least a BASIC disk, I am desperately in need of one. I would very much like to begin programming my new(old) computer!

(Submitted April 19, 2012 22:06:50 by Deborah)

I have anApple IIGS in collectible condition and still works. Only thing I don't have is the mouse. I am trying to find out the value of it, could someone help me.

(Submitted February 3, 2012 02:45:54 by Nathan)

I just got one! Since there are so many out there I don't feel bad that I am gonna mod this one up but keep it a ][e at its heart.

(Submitted January 16, 2012 07:03:16 by Carla)

I have a friend who is an alternative medical doctor who owns an Apple iie that is having issues with the double disk drives communicating with the computer. The iie system is the original system that this particular diagnostic setup was designed for and has not been updated to current Mac operating systems which would make this a little easier but this person is a die hard if it works why fix it! Is there a site for assisting with diagnosing vintage Macs? It is much appreciated being the set up is in great need for diagnosing with his alternative practise.

(Submitted November 14, 2011 10:20:07 by Wes Calhoun)

For sale: Apple Disk ][ floppy drive (has write problem) Apple //e monitor stand (allows //e to be slid out) Plexa-Lok clear keyboard cover for Apple //e $30 for all plus shipping

(Submitted October 29, 2011 11:12:54 by J Robinson)


(Submitted October 29, 2011 12:41:39 by Ian)

What is a Motorola 6502???? Motorola never made a 6502 chip! Rockwell and MOS technology made the 6502. In fact Mototola (with 6800) were the direct competitors to the 6502 chip manufacturers!

(Submitted October 2, 2011 11:23:22 by Theresa )

I have an apple IIe system with two floppy drives; two button joystick and a dot matrix (panasonic) printer. I am in the process of verifying that the system is functional. I really don't want to send this computer to the recycling center... I am still looking to see what programs we have; I know we had a word processing/spreadsheet program, tons of games. I haven't found the disks yet, but will keep looking. If anyone is interested please let me know.

(Submitted July 29, 2011 21:27:16 by Alyson W.)

i have apple painting and drawing floppy disks. and the drawing square thing. i do not have it with me at the moment itsin another state. bu i know what im looking fo. is an apple iie monitor. if the price is cheep enough i will but the key board too. please feel free to email me with pictures and price information.

(Submitted April 19, 2011 21:41:47 by Gale)

I have an Apple IIe with three floppy drives and a monitor. If there is someone interested in it please let me know. Otherwise it is going to be recycled.

(Submitted February 20, 2011 01:10:48 by Tom)

Hey, I have an Apple IIe computer. List of stuff is below, full list by email, as this has a character limit. I have some pictures too. Price negotiable, you pay shipping. Send offer and any questions to my email. Please put Apple IIe in the subject line.

Apple IIe, Monitor, duo disk Printer Owner's Manual All Cables Media Mate Disk Holder

Apple Software: Apple Presents the IIe DOS 3.3 ProDOS User's Disk Diskware Imagewriter Tool Kit

Claris Software: AppleWorks Startup Appleworks Program Spreadsheet Appleworks Sample Files Appleworks Training

Games: Ghostbusters John elway's Quarterback GFL Championship Football Microfun Boulder Dash Microtype The Wonderful World of Paws Mind Prober Microleague Baseball Microfun Death in the Carribean Scholastic Agent USA Microprose F-15 Strike Eagle Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Pirates! International Hockey Rampage Julius Erving/Larry Bird One on One Zork I Karateka

and more...

(Submitted December 21, 2010 14:34:22 by Jeffrey Watson)

HEY GUYS...ive got a PERFECT condition apple IIe that has EVERYTHING original.. check out my ebay ad im looking to sell asap... feel free to email me with questions. ViewItem&item=180603711895#ht_500wt_1156

thats the url of the ebay ad

(Submitted December 3, 2010 14:25:12 by retroking)

hi does anyone know of any infomation on LEXIDECK lle by QUARK made in 1982 and an apple rgb colour card with DMS c12 printed on the circuit board as google is s**t,thanks

(Submitted November 29, 2010 13:52:46 by Daniel Arif)

does anyone have an apple 2 that i can buy

(Submitted October 30, 2010 17:31:53 by Daniel M)

I have two Apple IIe systems, one with a monochrome monitor and single disk drive, and one with a color monitor and dual disk drive, and an ImageWriter II dot-matrix printer. I do not know if they still work. Does anyone want them? I live in the Los Angeles area.

(Submitted October 26, 2010 16:18:31 by Ampico)

Does anyone have one of the black Bell and Howell Apples for sale or know where I can find one?

(Submitted September 16, 2010 13:29:22 by Lori)

May be a crazy question but a friend gave me an old apple 2e with some floppy disk for my daughter to learn to read. I brought it home and can get the reader to turn on red, green light on top of the keyboard stays on but when I turn the computer on from the back it flickers green and turns off??? Is it suppose to do that or do I also need to turn it on from the keyboard? The monitor does not come on. Can anyone help me??? thanks, Lori

(Submitted August 19, 2010 05:58:07 by Ben Martin)

The first I learned to program on, in Basic! Cool! Yea I'd buy one too, anyone know someone selling?

(Submitted May 25, 2010 17:31:19 by Matthew branham)

I just bought an apple 2e and the 5.25 drives. The computer came with no power cord. Does anyone have any software or copies of apple 2e software they want to sell, games etc. I also need a power cord. Email me if you have any of these items.

(Submitted May 20, 2010 13:58:39 by Brian Reed)

I'm putting together a museum tour of the history of apple technology at the WWDC in SanFran on June9th. we have over 20 classic apple machines but no Apple I. wondering if you could help me locate someone with an apple 1 who might like to donate for the day to the museum and come to the show. This will be a great community event for all apple fans attending WWDC. appreciate your help.

(Submitted March 7, 2010 13:13:46 by Melanie Brookbank)

I have an Apple IIe - unfortunately the disk drives are shot, at least the one for booting anyway, won't read anything. Have a Magnavox color monitor that seems to work OK. System powers on, monitor says Apple II on it, that's as far as anything goes. Also have tons of old software, no clue as to shape. I'm in the central NC area...not looking for much, just wondering if anyone is interested. Drop an email if you are please. Thanks!

(Submitted March 12, 2010 11:18:05 by Erik)


The Black Apple's were Bell and Howell Apple ][ Plus machines. I don't think they ever made a //e version.

(Submitted March 12, 2010 11:13:42 by Rich)

I'm looking to by an Apple IIe, preferably black. I thought I we had black ones in our high school back in the day. But all I am seeing light brown, vanilla or whatever that color is. Anyone got a black one they want to sell.

(Submitted February 12, 2010 20:58:16 by Erik S.)

I have an 1984 Apple IIe and it's got Wordperfect 1.1, I can start the program from the floppies but get to the point where it asks. ENTER PREFIX PRESS RETURN TO ACCEPT and it shows /WORK/

i press enter and it asks to


i do but I can't do anything beyond that. I tried typing hecka stuff. I just wanna write something with it to prove that this computer works. Anyone know?

(Submitted January 25, 2010 19:13:53 by Erik S.)

I have an Apple IIe just the computer and the disk drives. It has word writing software floppies and Would like to sell it. It works fine. Anyone interested can e-mail please. Make me an offer

(Submitted January 15, 2010 23:53:04 by David Colvin)

I have two external 5.25 drives for Apple II computers. I can't give them away. Need to get a little money for them + shipping.

(Submitted November 17, 2009 11:02:20 by (a

THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN CLAIMED: I have a bunch of Apple][ equipment free to good home:

][e CPU, ][gs CPU (Woz ed. w/ keybrd and mouse,) Imagewriter DMP, Monochrome monitor, Joysticks, RF Converter for TV, All documentation, Box of sprocket-tabbed paper for the Imagewriter.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska and would be willing to meet anyone within 100 miles of here to deliver it all free for nothing!

I just don't want to have to deliver all of this sweet old equipment to the recyclers.

remove nospam letters from email address and thanks for reading.

(Submitted September 28, 2009 20:59:13 by John F)

I have an Apple IIe in Edmonton AB for sale, with one disk drive, Apple Monitor III, and the Dot Matrix printer, plus software (including AppleWorks).

(Submitted August 31, 2009 03:42:35 by (a href=mailto:andreattolydotnl)Andr van Toly(/a))

I've got one complete with imagewriter printer, software and manuals. Anyone interested please let me know.


(Submitted July 26, 2009 08:49:25 by (a href=mailto:crazyteknohedathotmaildotcom)Noel(/a))

If anyone in the UK has an Apple IIe for sale I would be happy to take it off your hands :)

(Submitted March 24, 2009 14:14:23 by Dagen)

I am looking for any old computers, but specifically Apple II computers in the Kansas City area... or parts, or accessories. I will give them a good home.

(Submitted February 24, 2009 20:36:50 by Jeremy)

I'm looking for an apple II, apple II+, or apple IIe. I am located in 95120 California. Budget is free-$20. if you still have one and would like to give it to a good home contact me at I can't pay shipping but I can pick up in the local area. Thank You

(Submitted January 13, 2009 13:41:55 by scott)

I have 4 apple 2E computers with floppy drives and monitors. Free to a good home. In Saint Paul, Minnesota. You would either need to pick up or pay for shipping.

(Submitted December 6, 2008 18:38:13 by Linda)

I have a fully functional apple IIe computer with imagewriter printer, software etc.

(Submitted December 4, 2008 16:12:05 by Mark LaVene)

I have an Apple IIe and an Apple IIc...they are in great shape...the Apple IIe has its own monitor with the double disk drive and keyboard/hardrive compact computer. I do not have the monitor to the Apple IIc as I didn't like the little E.T. looking monitor. I had it traded with another monitor and it went bad and i threw it out.

(Submitted November 29, 2008 18:45:35 by Susan)

I would like to purchase a fully-functional, excellent condition Apple //e computer for my husband for Christmas.

(Submitted November 14, 2008 20:50:26 by roger )

Sorry folk the apple IIe has moved to Idaho, Thanks for the interest. What a machine they were.

(Submitted November 4, 2008 16:05:33 by roger)

I have a complete apple IIe in working order, I was suprised after 10 yrs on the shelf.Cpu, dou drive 5 1/2, green monitor mouse, joystick, number key pad, a track drive printer, needs a ribbon. and lots of software including a cd setup disc. and card, no drive. Any one interrested? I hate to recycle this piece of history.

(Submitted October 27, 2008 10:46:48 by Jolanda netherlands)

I am really surprised how many people want this old pc. I did sell complete inventory of our sign-company, including an old-not used for 15years Apple lle machine with design station...It's really amazing how many people have been sending emails to me if they could buy only that machine. Also the floppy drive we still have.

(Submitted October 12, 2008 20:15:09 by Curt Tricarico)

I have the original green-on-black monitor for the Apple IIe. Free if you pay shipping from 45431. Once in a while it goes black, needs a whack to make it come back on.

(Submitted September 12, 2008 15:13:09 by Stephen)

Oh how I would love to own one of these again with all the old software. I used to have one exactly like the picture but we had an original monitor that displayed everything in green. Does anyone have one? I really want one.

(Submitted June 19, 2008 18:44:02 by sally worthing)

I have some old floppy disks from my Apple IIe days. There is information on these disks I would like to retrieve, if possible. I am interested in any help or ideas how this can be done? Thanks. Sally W.

(Submitted June 4, 2008 12:03:33 by (a

**SOLD** I have an original Apple IIe that is still in working order with manual. Please contact me if you are interested in buying this machine, and I can give any further details, if needed. **SOLD**

(Submitted June 4, 2008 06:34:21 by Steve)

I have this in my attic! lol Plugged it in and it still works! This computer is officially older than I, but yet it manages to run a paint program from a big 500Kb diskette. WOW!

(Submitted May 28, 2008 20:15:43 by Patrick)

I am looking for Apple IIe boot software and a few games? Any help wold be sweet.

(Submitted May 1, 2008 19:48:22 by Peggy)

Does anyone know if there are repair shops for an Apple ll + in the Dallas, Texas area? Mine seems to have a short where the the drive card slides into the computer and the drives keeps spinning around with nothing on the monitor showing up and the red lights on the drives do not light up either. Anyone know how to fix this? I run my accounting program on it and something was added from the software into a slot to make it run and I don't know which slot it has it!

(Submitted March 26, 2008 12:34:58 by Orlando)

I have Apple IIe computers, monitors, and floppy drives to sell. Contact me.

(Submitted February 13, 2008 09:12:42 by berna)

I am looking for an Apple IIe with floppies. Only original Apple brand please. If you want to sell yours please tell me.

(Submitted February 3, 2008 18:47:16 by John L)

The Apple //e was introduced in 1983 and ceased manufacturing in 1993 and *not* 1985!. Yes, it was one of the longest produced computers in history.

(Submitted September 22, 2007 13:07:15 by Lily)

I have an Apple IIe with two working floppy disk drives, working monitor, printer, all connector cables, all manuels some still in plastic, Lotus 123 with all floppys and manuels, a bunch floppy disks and also DOS version 3.30 with all disks and manuels computer is in working condition someone email me and make an offer don't forget you will also have to pay shipping costs

(Submitted September 10, 2007 12:17:36 by Sonny Hung)

Hi, I wanted to post that I have an Apple IIe, Disk II, Rana Drive (still has most of the shrink wrap), and several other items Most come complete with original box and manuals. For the Apple stuff I have packing lists, original receipts and stuff. Anyone interested can contact me about the purchase of this lot which I purchased from an original owner.

Pictures are available. I've booted it up and tested it a little and it seem to functional properly. I didn't test all things so ask your questions that you might have. It's being sold as it and it should power up.

This is located in NYC, NY area.

(Submitted August 30, 2007 21:01:18 by Solid Snake)

if anyone knows a good place to find one of em besides a stingy science teacher e-mail me

(Submitted August 25, 2007 08:28:38 by Rob)

I am looking for an Apple 2e in good working condition.

(Submitted August 22, 2007 15:12:26 by Alex Depoutiloff)

Where is the Apple GS who was the start of the MAC. I own one, matter of the fact I have the Apple ][ # 3038, Apple ][ Plus, Apple ][e, and Apple ][c.

(Submitted July 3, 2007 13:47:45 by Heather)

I have an APPLE IIe, with alot of software, mostly old games, still works, I fired it up a couple of weekends ago. I'm in Sacramento CA, you would be required to pay all shipping, but we could discuss payment for the compputer, please feel free to e-mail whenever...

(Submitted June 10, 2007 19:15:12 by Richard Chang)

Hello. I am interested in buying an Apple //e Platinum preferred. When I was growing up, my parents had bought me an Apple //e with the extended 80 column card. I would also like to buy the Dino Eggs game. I reside in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A. My preference would be to communicate with someone on the East Coast. If you are selling your computer or know someone who has a computer to sell, please contact me. I am ONLY interested in the Apple //e

Thank You,

Richard Chang

(Submitted December 27, 2006 18:47:25 by (a href=mailto:)Jim(/a))

I was cleaning my garage and found an old 80 col card as well as a full-height floppy drive (with controller). I don't know where the rest of my computer went but I'd be happy to give these to a good home if someone is willing to reimburse me for the shipping charges. I remember buying the IIe system when it first came out so the 80 col card is an early version one. I vaguely recall that it only supports 4 colors whereas the later versions supported more. I also think this is an 80 col card w/o extra memory.

jimh at

(Submitted December 6, 2006 18:47:04 by Amanda Groth)

I have an old Apple IIe in working condition with a floppy and several games and other programs. I have some manuals and a joystick. I think we kept the original printer along with a huge box of paper. I'm curious as to how much this would be worth and if anyone is interested in buying and paying the shipping, I may be amendable. My dad said that these machines should be worth a pretty penny. My brother is a computer geek and tried to keep our computers up to date and modified with extra hardware-I think extra memory could be in this one. I just know that I've had fun on this computer and it still runs.

(Submitted December 3, 2006 16:10:51 by Juan)

I have an Apple IIe in perfect conditions and i want sell it anyone interested? It has monitor keyboard and two disck drives

(Submitted December 2, 2006 18:37:36 by michael)

I have a apple 2 e computer with lots of old school games and i was wondering if you had software with it.

(Submitted September 4, 2006 07:42:38 by Martyn)


Am looking for a Ramworks III card and also for adventure games for the apple.

I have some hardware to trade if needed (example Xebec SASI cards etc.)

(Submitted August 23, 2006 09:02:34 by WW)

I am looking for a power supply for a 2E. Any ideas? Can modern power supplies be adapted? Help!

(Submitted June 10, 2006 21:11:45 by JapaneseLightning)

I would like the apple IIe computer from the guy in argentina if it is still available. I would pay for the shipping if that would be acceptable. I live in the USA.

(Submitted May 1, 2006 17:28:58 by Diego Rodriguez Montero)

I have an Apple IIe computer. It includes monitor, two disk drives, keyboard and a lot of software. Anyone interested in buying it?. I'm from Argentina. I can agree for sending it. Thanks. Good luck!!

(Submitted May 1, 2006 17:21:39 by Diego Rodriguez Montero)

APPLE IIe. Tengo una computadora Apple IIe, con monitor, teclado y discos 5 1/4. Le interesa comprarla a algún coleccionista?. Escucho ofertas. Gracias. Diego

(Submitted April 24, 2006 11:02:26 by mike mcclendon)

I have a Apple IIe that I use to teach brain- injured students. I have some software called Hartley cognitive rehabiliative series. It is very helpful in teaching our students but somehow one of our 5 1/4 diskete is damaged that hold the sequencing tests. Can anyone halp me get ahold of this software?? you will be helping many disabled students if you can .Email meat

(Submitted March 11, 2006 09:37:21 by Marjorie Ness)

Since Sellam's kind donation I've acquired another Apple //e in exceptional cosmetic and functional condition along with a duo-disk drive and display. It also came with a whole bundle of software and documentation as well as some peripherals including a nice printer.


(Submitted March 11, 2006 09:21:49 by Marjorie Ness)

My father is in need of a replacement printer to work with his 1981 Apple II E. He had all the family geneology on this computer and we need to print off the information. Anyone have one to give me, or sell me?

(Submitted November 30, 2005 11:30:11 by Dominique)

I'm looking for an old Mac like this one I think. I don't know much about them but my fiance it one of the apple people that just loves everything about it...he's talked before about getting an old one, i wanted to get him one for Christmas, does anyone here have an extra or know where i can get

(Submitted November 29, 2005 13:30:53 by Jim)

I have a complete set-up -the computer, Duo-disk drives , floppies , software game stick, two monitors , printer, print ribbons, manuals, etc. It was my second computer and I liked it so much I couldn't discard it when I upgraded. If there is someone out there who is still interested in this technology, let me know and we can come to some arrangement where I can get it back into use and out of my storage space.

(Submitted November 25, 2005 16:37:19 by Ruben)

$0-$50... If it only were true... I bought an '84 //e for $78 with only game paddles and diskdrives. In perfect shape though ( ) but it's quite alot of money for an old computer. The screen was pretty cheap and in an even better shape, cause it was never been used ;)

Lately I bought an SCSI card for $125,-. That's so much worth because HD's were very rare in the 80's while at this time, everybody is used to working with a hard drive.

Anyway, Erik, if you say Apple II's are worth nothing, please send me one :) or more =P

(Submitted November 20, 2005 21:56:43 by MIKE)


(Submitted September 20, 2005 04:13:45 by Cliff)

Hi. Can anyone recommend a source for purchasing vintage MAC computers or vintage IBM PC,AT or similar computers? They don't need to function properly (or at all). Thanks.

(Submitted September 16, 2005 13:35:48 by Carrie Gregory)

With respect to my February 2005 postings - that donation did not work out. I am asking again if anyone would like my Apple IIe and accessories. I have the monitor, computer/keyboard, 2 ImageWriter printers, Duodisk drive, printer ribbons, tractor feed paper, some of the manuals, diskettes, etc. I do not know the working condition and would like to donate it as is. It is free to you if you pay packaging and shipping. If you have a FedEx or UPS account, I will drop it off, and you can charge it to your account. That way there is no exchange of money or account numbers. It was my baby for 12 years and I just don't have the heart to throw it away or recycle it.

(Submitted June 16, 2005 20:59:59 by mobini)

pls send me apple II shematic

(Submitted June 13, 2005 14:17:24 by Sean)

I have (and use) a system very similar to this. It says Apple IIe on the case instead of Apple //e but it does say Apple //e on the screen when it's turned on. It has the two 5.25 inch drives that are stacked on top of eachother. If I could get IRC on it then I would rarely use any other computer. Even though it is an outdated system and most people say that there is no point in using it, it is still a useful computer. ...maybe i was born in the wrong decade... :)

If anyone knows of any good AppleSoft BASIC code for it or how to get it to generate tones or knows of a site that has BASIC code on it, email me at .

(Submitted June 3, 2005 02:13:50 by Darren)

I have an apple IIe computer if someone is interested? I dont have a monitor or disk drives or documentation but i have the computer itself with the video connection cable. It works.

(Submitted May 20, 2005 15:43:33 by zach)

the apple lle is the only computer i need for my rare computer collection where do you find a computer i look on ebay to high i need cheep


(Submitted April 4, 2005 08:48:15 by james anadale)

The apple IIe has been claimed. Thanks for the interest.

(Submitted April 1, 2005 22:51:34 by Joseph Vella)

I'm from Malta. I would like to find how can i buy such a computer.

(Submitted March 20, 2005 15:40:15 by Cheryl)

I gave a Apple IIE to my niece and in shipping a part of the unit was lost to the duodisk drive. It was a black device that inserted into the back of the duodisk drive unit. Without this piece the drives won't work. Does anyone know the correct terminology for this piece as I need to find one so that my niece can enjoy this computer as much as my son did. Thanks in advance

(Submitted February 28, 2005 09:15:30 by james Anadale)

I have an Apple IIE that was in great operating condition when it was boxed up 12 years ago. It was not used very much and I believe I have all the documentation and many disks too. It is available free to a good home. I'll start it up and check it out, if anyone expresses interest. I'm located near Frederick, Maryland if anyone wants to pick it up.

(Submitted February 24, 2005 04:08:33 by Robin Paterson)

I have two IIe machines, one of which, with a daisy wheel printer, I use constantly for addressing envelopes and writing short Comp.Slip notes. The other has a power supply fault, which I'm having a heck of a job finding anyone to fix, and needs a slight display adjustment - a page of text, for example, is crammed into the top half of the display. I find the working IIe invaluable to my primitive office - every modern PC printer I've tried simply gobbles up envelopes and anything else that isn't A4! So if there's anyone out there who can point the way to restoring my second to working condition, please (Pleeease) let me know. With sincere thanks...

(Submitted February 14, 2005 07:18:46 by Cheryl)

I have a IIe that I am printing off old documents and scanning into my new system. Got a question though... How do I exit a document without shutting the system down? I can't find my documentation and you are right. Only system I've ever had that didn't crash. appreciate a response to my closing document question.

(Submitted February 5, 2005 12:19:04 by Carrie Gregory)

Regarding my posting of January 27, 2005. I found a good home for my system. Thank you for all the interest.

I too have fond memories of the system. I used it for 12 years 1985-1997. It is still the only computer I have ever had that didn't crash or get a virus.

(Submitted January 27, 2005 16:27:39 by Carrie Gregory)

I would like to know who I could donate a system like this too. I have to pull it out of storage to confirm it works, but at a minimum I have the monitor, duo-disk drive, Imagewriter II printer, and Appleworks floppies.

(Submitted November 19, 2004 11:40:55 by chad)

I used to have one of these. fond memories of playing chess(& other games) on it. i would make a move and watch tv waiting for it to make it's next move. took at least five minutes each move. i would still beat it after it did all that 'thinking'. i'd be willing to pay 20$ for working computer w/games.

(Submitted August 27, 2004 13:48:10 by todd stone)

I would like to know who I could sell this type of computer to and how much I can get for it. It still works very well.

Thank you.

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