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The Apple /// computer system

Manufacturer Apple Computer Co.
Model Apple ///
Date Announced 1980
Date Canceled 1983
Number Produced Fewer then 100,000
Country of Origin USA
Price $4,000+
Current Value $50-$250
Processor MOS 6502
Speed 1 MHz
RAM 128-512K
ROM Unknown
Storage Built-in 5.25" floppy (About 140K) with support for up to three more externally. Optional ProFile Hard Drive (5MB)
Expansion 4 expansion slots on the motherboard
Bus Apple
Video Composite or TV out. 280x192x16 color or 560x192 B/W
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options SOS, CP/M with a Z80 card, Older Apple DOS supported
Notes The Apple /// had three revisions. The first was introduced in 1980 and was rife with problems. Apple fixed most of those and added RAM for a second coming of the Apple ///. Eventually the model was upgraded (in 1983) with some more RAM, a different keyboard and a few other features as the Apple /// Plus.
Related Items in Collection Apple /// external disk drive, ProFile Hard Drive, software, manuals. Other Apple systems including Apple II Plus, Apple //c, etc.
Related Items Wanted Additional Apple /// specific software and manuals.

Apple Computer introduced the Apple /// in 1980 as a business system to compliment the Apple ][+. With the Apple /// Apple increased the available RAM to 128k and released a new operating system, the "Sophisticated Operating System (SOS), that was more user friendly and advanced then Apple DOS.

In the end the Apple /// was mostly a failure due to a high price tag and several bugs that plagued the initial release. Subsequent versions of the machine included an Apple /// with 256k of RAM and an Apple ///+ with a new keyboard and a few more enhancements.

The introduction of the IBM Personal Computer in 1981 conspired with the Apple ///'s quality issues to ensure the lines demise. Apple pulled the plug on the Apple /// in 1983.

The Apple /// in my collection is one of the revised 256k models with most of the initial bugs worked out. It includes the Apple /// monitor, an external disk drive and a Profile 5MB hard drive. The Profile seems to be operational but I am unfortunately missing the Profile device drivers so the Apple doesn't know it exists.

A variety of Apple /// disks

The Apple /// shipped with a bunch of software. These are many of the Apple /// programs I have for the machine.

The Apple /// CP/M card (softcard)

It was fairly common for Apple users to add a CP/M card to their machines to access the huge CP/M software base that existed at the time. This is a Microsoft CP/M card for the Apple ///.

The Apple /// Profile hard drive controller card

The Profile hard drive requires this interface card to talk to the Apple.

I acquired another Apple /// (3/2004) in significantly better cosmetic condition then my first one. The new one has almost no yellowing on the case and is cleaner overall. It also came with pretty much every original manual as well as a bunch of original Apple software.

(Submitted August 28, 2012 16:11:53 by Bob Saget)

I have 2 Apple IIIs, 2 ProFiles, 2 Monitor IIIs, and an external disk drive Disk III for sale or trade for any Atari 400, 800, or game system. Also would trade for any Commodore or Amiga system in working condition.

(Submitted August 25, 2012 11:15:32 by Bob Saget)

I am looking for 2 working Apple III power supplies. Could trade a motherboard for the two, or an external disk drive. They should work, or they could be used for parts.

(Submitted May 19, 2012 21:20:03 by Randy Simmons)

Looking for an Apple III computer in any condition. thanks!

(Submitted April 13, 2012 00:41:40 by (a href=mailto:ineedhelp)richard(/a))

can you tell me what an apple profile controller board is ? I have a part number on it 656-0102-h My dad left it to me when he past away. Looks really old 1980 ? Thank You

(Submitted March 26, 2012 20:20:53 by Anthony Allen)

I have a apple 3 in perfect condition. monitor, system printer and instructions and tutorial books. i need to sell this because i need to fix my car. everything works and is in mint condition. if anyone wants this please call 559-431-7566 or 559-389-4056 thank you

(Submitted January 12, 2012 22:12:51 by Blake Annexstad)

Anyone have a apple III for sale?

(Submitted October 19, 2010 15:12:26 by Dan)

I have an Apple ///, Monitor and ProFile HD. It powers on but I don't have any floppy disk to boot from. Could anyone help out with a copy of a system or utilities disk? Thanks

(Submitted October 7, 2010 10:27:11 by CC)

I have an Apple lll with monitor, Profile hard drive, and some utility software. Everything powers up and makes a prompt on the screen. $50 call Chris at 415-720-3999

(Submitted April 23, 2010 23:29:23 by bleys2112)

I have a complete Apple III computer and monitor with a bunch of discs. It was working when I shelved it decades ago. May part with it for the right price. Make me an offer!

(Submitted January 20, 2010 22:26:02 by Karin )

We recently inherited an Apple III from a relative. If anyone is interested we have listed on ebay. You can take a look at it here... ViewItem&item=270517685562&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX: IT#ht_1275wt_933

(Submitted November 15, 2009 00:10:12 by Joe Hanson)

I am looking for a Game called Time Machine for the Apple III. The Game is a dungeon crawler that lets you travel back to Sherlock Holmes or Ancient Eqypt.

I'll buy the Machine if anyone has the software.

(Submitted June 17, 2009 14:01:00 by Jeff Trudeaux)

Ok after messing around with these I want them all back lol. Please contact me if you have any software for the apple's mentioned here. Would love to buy it all ;P

(Submitted June 15, 2009 19:31:10 by Jeff Trudeaux)

Apple assembly line newsletter. Anyone else have this? I am also looking for the apple game Softporn Adventure, mine was missing from case. If anyone has it I will pay well for it. Thank you guys. These newsletters are packed with vintage apple software/hardware information and ads, as soon as they were released. Amazing documentation step by step from apple's birth. 100's of programs to upgrade your apple or simply change the cursors. Detailed hardware information and tips/tricks to making it better. Anything you want to know about Vintage Apple computers!There shouldn't be a question you can not answer with these. Newsletters/books (over 20 pages each) (over 70 books all in great condition) starting in 1980 with the original issue only 75 subscribers and ending in 1987.Absolutely amazing content. The original issue in 1980 is black and white and only has 8 or so pages then there subscription rate more than doubled every month after that.

(Submitted May 23, 2009 13:04:20 by Jeff Trudeaux)

I have a Apple III Apple IIgs with all the goodies including all hardware, and 100's of games, programs, software. If you want it I have it. Would love to sell it all. Email me if interested.

(Submitted March 2, 2009 06:40:26 by Don)

I have a floppy disk of my now dead fathers bio/history that I made on an apple iie many years ago. Will someone who has the equipment be willing to download this file and either make me a hard copy or a cd...thanks

(Submitted January 25, 2009 08:51:07 by Ken)

I have an Apple III purchased in 1981. 128K, B/W monitor, Profile, ext. drive, all in very good condition. All the original manuals. Have loads of software w/ manuals. Machine runs, but can't find the SOS boot disk. Willing to sell machine, manuals, software.

(Submitted December 14, 2008 14:50:08 by Zane)

Are any of these available for sale? I would like to buy one.

(Submitted August 12, 2008 03:40:19 by Thierry)

The Apple /// was used by computer genius Kevin Flynn in the excellent film TRON (1982).

(Submitted July 27, 2008 14:24:24 by daryl)

is anyone willing to sell one if so sent me a email at

(Submitted June 29, 2008 11:47:57 by soper)

I want a apple 3 or apple 3 plus for $20 (I really want a apple 3 plus)

(Submitted April 11, 2008 13:32:29 by Bob Wheelecor)

I have 2 Apple III computers. H/W includes 2 external drives, one monitor, one Cursor III & one Pkaso card. S/W includes one set of boot disks & drivers, System S/W pkg, Apple Writer III, Advanced VisiCalc, Business Basic, Pascal, Quickfile, & Apple II Emulator. One complete set of manuals are included. Everything worked when last used in the mid to late 80's. Unless I hear ASAP, I intend to dispose of them.

(Submitted November 9, 2007 06:28:00 by Tony)

I have an Apple III for sale complete with original monitor. However, it has not been powered up in over 10 years so I cannot guarantee its operation.

(Submitted October 30, 2007 23:54:28 by David Cooper)

I recently added a nearly perfect condition Apple /// Plus to my collection. I don't have any boot disks for this beauty. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help me find some? It'd be greatly appreciated!

(Submitted September 20, 2007 22:18:21 by Frank George)

looking to puchase an apple III to add to my collection. thanks, Frank

(Submitted July 2, 2007 14:40:35 by alex)

I`ve just got a 5 mb ProFile hard drive, and I don`t know what to use it for. I`ve a Macintosh Classic and I wondered if I could connect the ProFile to the Classic. Is it possible? Thanx!

(Submitted May 14, 2007 23:01:59 by CAF)

I have an Apple IIe computer, monitor and 5.25 drive, never used, still in original boxes with Owner's guides and disks. Also GEOS User Manual w/disks (for use with IIe, IIc, IIGS and Lazer 128). Best offer.

(Submitted May 5, 2007 20:22:33 by Oscar)

i have a new but old still in the box 1981 apple 3 fresh out the attic email me with any questions at

(Submitted January 17, 2007 05:20:40 by jamie watson)

Hi I have a old Apple III (mint) looking for a good home if anybody intrested make me a offer.

(Submitted November 19, 2005 20:17:26 by Kendrick)

Hello all. I am looking for an Apple III in any cosmetic/technical condition. I will accept any machine in ANY condition. E-mail me if you have some apple III hardware/software you would like to sell. My E-mail is:

(Submitted November 19, 2005 20:16:13 by Kendrick)

Hello all. I am looking for an Apple III in any cosmetic/technical condition. I will accept any machine in ANY condition. E-mail me if you have some apple III hardware/software you would like to sell.

(Submitted July 28, 2005 16:29:11 by Jer)

I have an a few Apple systems one of them being an Apple III including 5 Mb Profile. Unfortunately, I'm unable to fully test because I don't have a copy of Apple III SOS. I'd be interested in selling, but only if it can be tested. Can anyone provide me with this OS? I'm willing to pay a small fee for your help.

(Submitted July 13, 2005 21:15:08 by Mark)

I am looking for an Apple III and Apple Lisa to buy to donate to a local college computer museum. I am not looking to pay alot and they must be in working condition.

(Submitted June 23, 2005 10:39:36 by IvW)

I found an Apple III in my stuff, how much is this thing worth if someone wants to buy it? Been in storage for 20 years.

(Submitted June 10, 2005 12:56:19 by Al Nord)

I have several Apple /// computers, profiles, ///+ logic board, monitor ///'s and external 5 1/4 Apple /// floppy drives. Plus lots of software and manuals for the Apple ///

(Submitted May 9, 2005 21:05:28 by Eric)

Original Apple III service manual for sale for $75 (same price as a copy today).

(Submitted February 27, 2005 10:59:29 by art breed)

if you need drivers for profile let me know will get them to you

(Submitted January 7, 2005 19:39:05 by Will Arnold)

If I sent you some blank floppy's, would you copy the original Microsoft SoftCard software disks for me? I have the originals but they no longer boot (used up!)


(Submitted December 7, 2004 10:00:06 by William Arnold)

Would you like to sell your Profile Interface card for your Apple III? I'll buy it for $65. Thanks.

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