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The Atari 800 Computer

Manufacturer Atari
Model 800
Date Announced 1979
Date Canceled 1982
Number Produced Hundreds of thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price Approximately $1,000
Current Value $10-$75
Processor Rockwell 6502
Speed 1.79 MHz
RAM Up to 48K "stock" - much more with aftermarket upgrades.
Storage Cassette Tape or 5.25" floppy disk.
Expansion 2 cartridge slots, 3 memory slots, 1 ROM slot and a daisy-chainable expansion bus
Bus N/A
Video Up to 320x192x16 color composite video or TV out for standard modes. Tons of additional modes are available through low level programming extending the resolution and color pallate dramatically.
I/O I/O bus could connect to an optional interface unit with parallel and serial ports
OS Options Atari OS
Notes The Atari 800 was a very advanced machine for its time. Although it was built around the same microprocessor as many of its direct competitors such as the Apple II Plus and the Commodore Pet it added various co-processors to handle graphics and sound generation tasks.
Related Items in Collection 810 disk drives, 1050 disk drive, other Atari 800 systems, software and cartridges, Atari 400
Related Items Wanted Additional disk drives (810, 1050, RANA), cartridges and software. 850 interface, Atari brand joysticks.

Atari started out as a game maker. Nolen Bushnell, Atari's founder, invented pong and created Atari to bring it to market in the early 1970s. By the end of the decade they decided to release a computer system to compete with Apple and the rest of the "home" computer market. In 1979, the Atari 400 and Atari 800 were born to fulfill this promise. Since they were Atari products, they were supremely strong graphical performers.

The Atari 800 in my collection is a 48K unit with a tape drive and an 810 disk drive (pictured below). I have several Atari cartridges and most of the original manuals for the machine as well.

The Atari 810 5.25 inch disk drive

Mike Newhall was nice enough to write in with some corrections (I swear I'm going to set up a comment system someday!)

"Processor Motorola 6502"

The 6502 was a Rockwell design, licensed to various parties (including Commodore). But I don't believe Motorola ever made them. They had a competing series, the 6303/6305/6309, that were used for example in the Radio Shack Color Computer.

"Speed 1 MHz"

The speed was exactly half the TV color clock signal, which for NTSC works out to 1.79 MHz, almost twice as fast as the C64.

"RAM Up to 48K"

True for the 'official' specs of the 800. I have one with 288K using 3rd party mods. Atari later made the 800XL w/64K, the 130XE with 128K, and there were 3rd party mods for up to a megabyte of RAM.

"Video Up to 320x192x16"

The 320x192 mode was really "one and a half" colors - the background was one color while the foreground was a different brightness of the same hue. Special "GTIA" modes added to later 800's allowed up to 16 shades of one hue, 16 hues of one shade, or 9 independent colors in 80x192. The highest-rez mode with normal-shaped pixels and normal color behavior was 160x192x4. So there was no true "x16" mode.

But the graphics hardware was extremely flexible - in the vertical dimention. One could change the color palette on every scan line, and even change the number of displayed scan lines, so it was easy to get all 256 colors on screen at once, in resolutions of NNNx200 to NNNx224 or even more. You were just limited to how many colors you could get on a single horizontal line.

All great info! Thanks! Appropriate corrections have been made in the table at the top of the page.

(Submitted August 5, 2012 13:23:15 by Gene)

Just before I went into high school in 1985, I bought an atart600xl computer and a 1010 Tape drive and a bunch of game carts, this whole system probably set me back $1000.00. I am married now and have kids, and a couple years ago I found an Atari 600XL on ebay along with an Atari disk drive for $45.00 so I bought it and added some game carts to boot. Yesterday I ran across an 800XL with 64K memory for $35.00. I bought it, and I cant wait to get it. Brings back so many memories!!

(Submitted May 24, 2012 03:06:47 by Karel Panek)

As Atari diskette drives were very expensive (15x cassette recorder) and practically inavailable in former Czechoslovakia (during communist era), a czech-specific modification to Atari cassette recorder called Turbo was invented, that increased read/write speed from original 600 Bd to 2270 Bd (expanding cassette capacity appropriately). This was a home-made printed circuit that bypassed original modulation and added one wire (typically twisted around original data cable) + simple software driver. Later, more precise (3630 Bd and variable speed) variants appeared. Almost every local Atari owner had it.

(Submitted January 7, 2012 15:39:53 by Brian)

My neighbor had this and we played a game called Galaxy. Not to be confused with the video game galaxy. This had to be loaded from a cassette tape and you could have about 10 players and up to 20 turns (years). We'd have Galaxay parties that would last 4 of 5 hours. Some great times. Food, Beer Music and Galaxy. Each person would input their moves and then after each player did this you'd run the data and see the results. Some players moves you wouldn't know the resultst of until later because they might have taken years (turns) to complete You'd take over worlds in the galaxy and thenhave to defend them from being taken over by other players. Great fun basic startegy game.

It was a load of fun when we'd have parties like this at someone's home, especially after football season was over with.

(Submitted September 25, 2011 22:37:48 by gmeanie)

I could use a Atari Falcon. email me.

(Submitted March 2, 2011 18:24:47 by Derek S.)

I have two Atari systems (one is the 800 with floppy drive and the other is a 1600 with floppy drive.) My problem is that it's been years since I've used either system (20 years since I used the 1600 and probably 25 years since I used the 800.) That said, I'm having a hard time remembering how to set it up for use. I know that both systems worked just fine before they went into storage. Does anyone have any information that might help me get the systems up and running again? I still have tons of old floppies that I'd love to play (assuming that they haven't gone corrupt over time.) Thanks!

(Submitted February 23, 2011 16:29:37 by Darren)

Hello All. I have an External 3.5 Disk Drive model number XL800 XYBER XL800. I got it with a bulk Purchase of Computer stuff! I first thought it was an Apple 2 external Drive, and as I do not require it, I listed it on ebay for sale with sone Apple 2 Gear! I got a number of replys saying the Drive is NOT Apple 2 !!! I was told it may be an Atari compatible Drive, but it has a 19 Pin Male Connector, and from Memory the Atai 800XL and 600XL require a Female Connector on the Drive!!! I am confused, is this an Atari Drive??? Hope you can help. Darren (amigaman07)

(Submitted June 6, 2010 17:33:28 by Dave Wiggins)

The processor was not a Rockwell 6502; rather it was a MOS 6502 ... the same 8-bit processor in the Commodore PET and the Apple II and fore- runner of the MOS 6510 used in the Commodore 64.

(Submitted June 2, 2010 13:55:35 by allen)

Check out the 8 bit underground - dedicated to the underground computing scene of the 80's.

(Submitted May 16, 2010 05:16:29 by Michael South)

Sigh. This brings back memories. Had lots of early micros--TRS-80, Sinclair, Commodore 64. But the best was the Atari 800. Really excellent engineering. De Re Atari was an incredible manual. It had the complete ROM OS and BASIC source. Kept De Re long after I got rid of the 800 (kicking self still).

(Submitted March 22, 2010 22:28:17 by Robert E. Handley)

I have an Atari Mega ST4, Color Monitor, Black White Monitor, Epson FX-1050 Printer all in original Boxes with Instructions. All in good and working condition. Would like to sell as one unit. I have a price in mind. But would like to have a reasonable offer. Plus shipping if you can't pick items up.

(Submitted February 21, 2010 14:33:12 by bobby)

i have the atari 800 that works fine. i need the atari 810 disk drive. i also need the switch for connecting to new tv's.

(Submitted January 2, 2010 21:41:57 by Brian)

RE: the 'competing chips' from Motorola; the 6803 was used in the TRS-80 MC-10 while the 6809 was used in the CoCo. Hitachi made the 6309, which is compatible with the 6809, but, when run in native mode has many enhanced features the Motorola chip does not have.. The 6805 was never used in any of the CoCo line.

(Submitted December 16, 2009 15:27:25 by JC)

I gave my 800 and 130xe, plus a 1050 and Rana 1000 drive, away to Goodwill back in '93, regretted that ever since. So in a fit of nostalgia, I bought a 130xe and 1050 drive off Ebay, and am not regretting it in the least. I love these machines!

(Submitted December 15, 2009 19:26:07 by Jamie)

I still have my Atari 800, but now only use it for cartridge games on my 54 large screen. But it has over 1 meg of RAM (1056k), OMNIMON OS, Sparta DOS X (sounds like a dictator in a South American country), and a connection to a PC via USB. LOVE this computer, I really need more time so I can start using and programming it to it's full potential again.

(Submitted December 1, 2009 13:04:17 by Jerilyn Atkinson)

Does anyone have Atari800 system for sale my grandson is 14 and wants one for xmas? Please put Atari in the subject.

(Submitted November 8, 2009 16:23:31 by old guy)

The 3rd party mods your referring to were 1 to 4 meg memory upgrades by Newell Industries. They were purchased as a kit. I installed a few of them back in the day.

(Submitted October 13, 2009 20:09:33 by (a href=mailto:na)lucas(/a))

I love the ATARI 800 home computer!

(Submitted September 16, 2009 16:22:19 by Ian)

RE: 6502 / MOS / Rockwell, AMD also made their beginnings producing 2nd source chips for 6502 and it's various replacements the 6502A, 6502B and 65C02. MOS made a mistake changing the pinout of the 65C02 so that it required re- engineering the circuitry, rather then just dropping it in.

The ONLY edge tramiel gave commodore's C64 series that atari didn't and should have included was the SID chip, the famous multichannel sound processor.

there was an aftermarket mod available to add a SID to the Atari but it came after Commodore bought MOD and stopped selling the SID chip as a part, so supplies of the SID chip dried up and the upgrade fizzled.

(Submitted August 7, 2009 04:47:14 by MuadDib)

I was a member of the famous High Tech Team (europe demo coders) for the atari 8bit system. We made several demo programs (big demo). I was also involved in a project by using the 65816 in an atari 130Xe system. But it was a bit diffult to program. I programmed several programs, and moved on to the Amiga and then PC scene later on. Good times on the atari 8bit. Best game i ever bought was Gauntlet for 39 dutch guilders in the 80s. Yeah, 2 tapes , and a very good game. Later on, we also swaped demo disks with polish friends and people from the usa and other countries. We also had in holland local atari clubs (even in the 90s!!!) , only 8bit atari, not ST or such. We programmed our own games, had local distribution channels made alive, had schools for education and many things more. Not much support from atari benelux, but yeah, we got free t-shirts and some goodies like an original atari rainbow flag, from Atari Benelux.

(Submitted August 7, 2009 04:49:56 by TRS-80)

Concering the 6809, what about the tandy mc-10 6803 cpu ? It seemed that the 6803 was more powerfull as the 6809. ?

(Submitted July 6, 2009 06:27:53 by doug)

i have atari 800xL in box and the atari 1050 disk drive in box plus i have almost all atari games on floppy...anybody interested?????

(Submitted June 19, 2009 08:09:31 by Tom)

I had an 800 and I loved it. It was my second omputer (my first computer was a VIC 20). Some of my favorite games were BLUE MAX, Choplifter, Claim Jumper and THORN EMI's Submarine Commander and a PAC MAN type game called Jawbreaker which was great. I loved programming the 800 too with all the different graphics modes.

(Submitted April 22, 2009 10:59:24 by Mike)

I picked up an 800, with the floppy drive. numeric keypad, modem, and all the appropriate cables at a yard sale for $10. It came with 10 games, still in the original boxes, and the Atari word processor software. This is a complete setup with all the hookups, and it works perfectly. Is there a website out there where i could sell it to someone that would appreciate it? I would only like to get $35-$40 for it, but I would like it to go to a good home. It has EVERYTHING that you could have bought for it and its in perfect shape. Interested? Drop me an E-Mail.

(Submitted March 21, 2009 14:03:41 by margaret)

I was cleaning my closet and found the Atari 800. The Atari 410 Recorder, the Atari 1050 Disk Drive and several games. I tested,and they all work. I was wondering what they are worth to anyone.

(Submitted January 5, 2009 15:26:53 by Chris Gorman)

Is it possible to connect an Atari-800 to a modern computer monitor? What would I need to do this?

(Submitted December 30, 2008 14:07:42 by Gary)

Back in the 80's when these were sold at KMart, we (some of the computer science students at a small community college) would pull a little prank on the sales people at kmart. a couple of us would keep the sales people busy, while another would type in the commands on the display model that set all the colors to the same value. The one of the guys with a sales person would ask to see the atari computer. The sales people had no computer background and couldn't figure out why the computerwasn't working. (actually it was working, but the text was invisible on the screen. We had similar trick to the Commodore 64, Tandy Color computer, and TI 99/4

(Submitted December 19, 2008 19:44:30 by Ron Hoffman)

I got my 800 back in 1982 just before they went to the 800XL. My first disk drive was the Indus drive. I used the cassette drive for quite a few years. I then got the Indus and then an ATR8000 plus two 5 1/4 drives from an old IBM. I also got a 3 1/2 drive. When I quite using the Atari was about 1995. At the time I had an 130XE with 320k memory plus a Black Box with a 320meg hard drive. I sold the ATR8000 but used the drives with the Black Box. I bought a device from a guy in California that let me connect an IBM keyboard to the Atari. When I think back at the money I spent on that Atari. I still have great memories of those times. The money spent was worth it for the moemories.

(Submitted September 11, 2008 09:19:58 by georgina)

have atari st plus manuals and games. offers please. teddington area (UK)

(Submitted April 16, 2008 17:19:03 by Misterc)

Great to see others with Atari's...I got rid of my 600xl, 800xl and 130xe in the late 80s. However, thanks to the love of Ebay, I currently have a working Atari 400, 2 Atari 800s, 800Xl, 1050 Happy Enhanced Drive and other goodies. My students have gotten addicted to titles such as Archon and Archon 2. Great stuff and still lots of fun.


(Submitted March 3, 2008 04:47:23 by Robert Jones)

I still love my Atari 800 even in 2008. I have a bunch of old HS buddies that still like to play 4 player M.U.L.E. The 800 is the only machine that can do 4 player mule with 4 joysicks. Still one of the best 4 player games ever made.

(Submitted October 14, 2007 00:34:18 by (a href=mailto:)John(/a))

I spent SO much time on my 800, just seeing the photo brought back its smell. I even ran a BBS service. I rigged up a ring detector out of an Atari joystick so the modem could pick the call up that was 1983!

(Submitted October 3, 2007 10:49:12 by Greg Hiscott)

I worked at Datasoft during the early 80's - Datasoft published games on tape and disk for the Atari, Apple ][ , C64 & Tandy Color Computers. I personally worked on MoonShuttle and juno first and parts of zaxxon (A800). I wrote most of the loaders and software protection code in 6502 assembly language. All of the games were written in 6502 assembly.

For their time, the Atari and C64 were advanced machines.

(Submitted September 19, 2007 12:12:25 by Jose Medeiros)

I remember my father bringing home an Atari 800 for me and my brother when he was working for Atari.

Jose Medeiros, San Jose, CA

(Submitted September 17, 2007 20:19:50 by Tom Mitchell)

I have 2 XL800. ! XL600 ! 1 XL12oo ! 3 5.25 Floppy drive ! 1 cload Tape drive ! 1 race counter for Atari Computers. 1 new set of paddles to many game to list, music maker ECT. All for sell. And last time i dug it all out and set it up it was all in working order. Its all for sale.

(Submitted May 27, 2007 06:38:00 by AtariDiehard)

I bought the 800 and 810 wholesale back in 1980, paid $1000!!! Later on I picked up the 800XL and modified it to double the ram. My collection includes a plotter, a second drive, the Indus GT modified, many software titles, including ones on cartridges plus numerous manuals from Atari and host of other companies. I had a collection of mags that I disposed of because it took up too much room. Somesay I would like to build a room devoted to my old comps including the Commodore 64 system.

(Submitted May 24, 2007 09:13:42 by Ramon Leon)

The Atari 800xl was my third computer, after the Sinclair ZX81(Timex 1000) and the Sinclair Spectrum. I used to write programs in BASIC back in the 80's. I now have 2 that I bought recently and some day I will assemble a SIO2PC circuit and put it inside one of them to connect to my PC. Then, I will have to buy the MyIDE cartridge, a compact flash card, download software and play some old tech but still enjoyable games.

(Submitted May 3, 2007 11:41:40 by (a href=mailto:)Horacio Vico(/a))

You should get a Commodore 64 C also:

(Submitted April 11, 2007 07:55:06 by JackV)

The 800 was my first computer which I still have sitting in a box along with its 5.25 floppy drive and cassette recorder. I used to program this pc and play games on it in my youth. I even did a paper on the 6502 chip in my college years.

(Submitted December 17, 2006 12:31:37 by Michael Brown)

There seems to be some confusion about the 6502. Recommend people read the articles about it on Wikipedia.

In short. Rockwell manufactored the 6502, but did not design it. The 6502 was designed by MOS Technology, which was founded by former Motorola employees, hence the design similiarities to the 6800 chip. At this time, it was important the chips be available from other sources (known as 'second sources'). Companies would not buy your chip unless there were second sources. Rockwell was a second source for 6502.

MOS was lated taken over by Commodore. This is because Commodore was using their chips in their computers (6502, 6510, etc).

The design for the 6502 would be licensed to Western Digital Design (another second sourcer), who would later create the 65816, the 8/16bit version of the 6502 used in the Apple IIgs.

(Submitted November 23, 2006 21:26:23 by steve)

I have the Atari 800 and I was trieng to get the cassette 410 model to work but it dosent look like it works any more. Can anyone recommend how to get one of these repaired or someone who sells them?

(Submitted October 11, 2006 06:45:23 by alessio)

I absolutely loved the atari computer range! especially the atari 600xl and 800xl. played them for hours and hour but i reckon missle command was best! if anyone in australia has a 600xl or 800xl please contact me i would like to buy it or trade some of my retro gear!

(Submitted September 28, 2006 00:02:37 by patricio reinoso)

well. i got 2 atari 130xe, with 1 disk drive and 2 printers, 1 dot matrix and 1 daisychain. i get mi first one when i was 8, and its the best computer ever, i loved to copy programs from antic magazine (i dont know how did they come to Ecuador in that good'ol years). I still use it sometimes, but the most of my time i play atari games in my pocketpc using an emulator.. i love river raid, and blue max. 8 bit rocks!

(Submitted September 27, 2006 21:21:58 by James)

I still have one of these as well as several other atari 8bit & 16bit computers. Mine has some history to it, for many years it was 1 of 4 or so in the Irwin toys warehouse (ataris canadian distributor late 70's early 80's). Mine came with 48k, 9 inch electrohome green monitor, 810 disk drive, and the less common ATR8000 unit which was cpm upgrade with floppy drives, printer & serial ports. These computers were quite reliable as BBS computers, with its number of options for disk storage and so on. They were also a full 2 years before the official release of the ibm pc (which was hard to find even after its release) so like many computers of its time, it did see some business uses as well

(Submitted September 15, 2006 13:39:48 by Anthony)

I used to play with an atari 800, and a disk drive that went with it but now don't have it anymore. I would really like to get one back with games etc. Could anyone let me know where I can find one to buy?

(Submitted August 26, 2006 22:39:44 by Eddie Byrnes)

Can anyone advise if there is a way you can play old games from the 800 on pc's now? im kind of simple with computers, so if you could put it in plain english, i'd appreciate it. (There was a game called World War 3 that i used to LOVE to play...)

(Submitted June 23, 2006 09:20:39 by Ryan Petersen)

I didn't own an Atari 800, or a C64, but a 48K Apple II+. Anyways, the 6502 was never designed by Rockwell whatsoever. The 6502 was designed by MOS technology, and later on, around 79-80, MOS licensed the 6502 design to different chip manufacturers, including Rockwell. And MOS Technology was owned by Commodore.

(Submitted June 15, 2006 13:52:11 by biff baxter)

I loved this system, and still have it and a couple of other Atari's. Back in the day for a time it was C64 versus Atari (sprites vs player missle graphics!). C64 was the big monkey, but Atari had a pretty dedicated following.

In any case, remember the Indus GT drive...that was THE drive to have with the black colored front door that covered the drive. I had a friend who had one that was envied by us all.

(Submitted May 23, 2006 11:08:14 by yoyo)

i think it looks low teck. sup.

(Submitted May 23, 2006 11:07:52 by yoyo)

i think it looks low teck. sup.

(Submitted May 9, 2006 13:09:34 by Doug Potter)

I am interested in purchasing your Atari 800 game cartridges. What do you have and how much?

(Submitted March 7, 2006 03:55:24 by Gokhan)

I am from Turkey, and want to build first Turkish online computer Museum.. I am looking for Atari 800. Where can I find cheap? can you help me? I have some Atari stuff (Atari800XL and memory and expansion for Atari Portfolio) for trade..

best regards Gokhan

(Submitted January 3, 2006 14:52:14 by Sam McBride)

I have an 800 with 810 disk drive and cassette. Picked up an 800XL and 1050 disk drive a few years later at a garage sale for 20 bucks. I had a lot of fun teaching myself BASIC and 6502 assembler. My hobby led me back to college to be a programmer. Now I work with Peoplesoft/Oracle/Unix which is not nearly as much fun. Also have a lot of Antic, Analog, Compute, Byte etc mags as well as software and extra hardware (modem that connects to the joystick port). I though I was the only one who kept all this stuff!!

(Submitted July 13, 2005 12:02:45 by mistapaulspite of aura)

forall your atari 8bit needs goto:

(Submitted July 13, 2005 12:02:10 by mistapaulspite of aura)

for all your atari 8bit needs goto:

(Submitted July 5, 2005 21:24:46 by Dottie Cotten)

Does anyone want to buy anything from Atari Computers the 400/800 series?

(Submitted June 29, 2005 08:54:11 by Greg Goodwin)

Throughout the 80's, I had an Atari 400, which my dad hacked and modded to 48K. Many great memories. In 1999 I picked up a Atari 800, and since have had that hacked to have a built in numerical keypad, MyIDE Hard drive interface, and lantronix ethernet module. I enjoy hitting the Atari BBS's that are ran over telnet. What is old is new again. ;)

(Submitted June 6, 2005 16:04:26 by (a href=mailto:)Steve(/a))

I remember when my Dad brought home an Atari 800. Wow. I thought I was dreaming. My sister & I were so excited you'd have thought we had just been told that we didn't have to go to school anymore for the rest of our lives. I still have that computer someplace, too. A lot of fond, fond memories...

(Submitted May 16, 2005 14:54:22 by Tom Michael)

Didn't know that about the processing speed of the Atari being much better than the C64. Both used the GTIA graphics chip (better than the Apple II). The big difference I remember is the sound chips. Atari had 4 voices, Commodore had 3. Commodore's sounds were in tune, while Atari's were slightly out of tune.

(Submitted March 6, 2005 10:28:26 by Steve Kufrovich)

I used to work for Control Data when they had a contract to repair the Atari computer. A customer gave me a 400 and later I picked up a 64XE. I even have a modem and interface as well as lots of tech stuff and software. I may get it out and try to get it working in my middle school science class.

(Submitted February 10, 2005 17:53:28 by keith)

I still have a couple of 800XLs, 1027 letter quality printers, 1050 disks drives, 850 interface, etc., etc. Most of these still have their original packing. Every 5 years or so, I haul them out and play with them. My biggest problem is that in some move somewhere, I lost most of the software! I have most of the OSes and the Syncalc,Synfile series, but no adventure games! :-(

Anyone have a bone to throw me?

(Submitted January 6, 2005 16:39:25 by Chris Bode)

I've also got an 800 that my parents scraped the money together to buy me when I was 9. I still have it, along with the 1050 disk drive, 410 tape drive, and hundreds of disks/cartridges. It hasn't been turned on in probably 15 years, but that's about to change very soon. My favorite memories were getting Donkey Kong Jr. for Christmas, and the hours spent playing those Infocom text adventures. Made a kid's imagination run wild....

(Submitted December 26, 2004 19:34:11 by chet the computer guy)

I have a complete 800 system with 2 disk drives and a ton of disks , programs , boot system disks ect and to my suprise 99 % of the disks still read and write after all these years and I remember learning from the ( experts ) you'll be kucky to get 5 years out of a disk... how about over 20 years! chet bfn

(Submitted December 4, 2004 08:38:27 by Ivor )

I just got an Atari800 for my collection I`t still in good working comdition acually it`s still boxed but I can`t figuer out the datasette. PLEASE!! can anyone tell me how the hell I can operate the datasette?!?!? Thanx a lot.

(Submitted December 2, 2004 15:40:43 by Paul Muller)

Hey, where's the Atari 1200XL? I have one with an 850 interface and disk drive. I used to get on the internet with it in the eighties when all you had to do was go to a local BBS and get a number (usually long distance). There was no graphical interface! I must say, it was a challenge, but workable.

(Submitted November 22, 2004 08:28:26 by Lou Wilson)

There were a few additional Atari machines, the 1200 and the 1400 as I remember. Quite a bit smaller and sleeker than the 800 but about the same capability, I think.

(Submitted October 21, 2004 09:49:06 by (a href=mailto:Unknown)Thomas(/a))

I remember MANY days spent playing games like dig dug, and the infamous ZORK series!!!

(Submitted September 30, 2004 14:36:41 by Jordan Bouzeneris)

The atari 800 was not only designed to be a powerful computer, but it was also designed to be a serious gaming machine! In fact, most programs for the atari 8-Bits where games!

(Submitted September 11, 2004 20:08:44 by JD)

I think you shold add how you hook it up.

(Submitted September 3, 2004 22:58:45 by Jordan Bouzeneris)

The Atari 800 could have Its RAM upgraded very easly. You just had to open the cartridge bay & in the back, you could see 2 twisty- thingies (later replaced by screws). After that you just had to pull off the front cover & then you had access to the OS & RAM slots. After that you just had to plug in a new RAM upgrade modules and then you where set!

(Submitted July 19, 2004 15:37:23 by Dan Ritter)

The competing motorola processors you refer to are the 68xx series of processors. Most noteably the 6809 used in the Radio Shack Coco computers. Hitachi later on made a CMOS replacement for the 6809 called the 6309 that ran faster. A lot of Coco users later switched to this processor.

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