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The Bondwell 2 laptop

Manufacturer Bondwell Holding Company
Model Model 2
Date Announced 1985
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Tens of thousands
Country of Origin Hong Kong
Current Value $50-$100
Processor Zilog Z80
Speed 4 MHz
Storage 3.5" floppy diskette (built-in)
Expansion Limited internal expansion
Bus Proprietary
Video 640x200 LCD (built-in) - 80x25 text
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options CP/M
Notes The Bondwell 2 was a late CP/M machine designed and shipped towards the end of that Operating System's life. The Bondwell was, however, a true portable running that OS which was rare.
Related Items in Collection Other CP/M portable/luggable machines including the Kaypro 2x, Osborne 1 and Telcon Zorba
Related Items Wanted Additional original software and manuals. Batteries.
The Bondwell 2 CP/M Laptop System

The Bondwell 2 in my collection comes complete with lots of software on disk, user manuals and other goodies.

The Bondwell 2 Documentation

The documentation includes the original user manual as well as the manual for the 300 baud modem option. Additionally the system came with some advertising brochures for the machine.

The Bondwell 2 Screen

As can be seen above the system is fully functional.

(Submitted March 23, 2010 17:17:40 by yair)

yo tengo una laptop bondwell model 8 fabricada en 1985 y ando investigansdo sobre ella no se si me podrian decir mas

(Submitted March 25, 2008 06:23:09 by Ben Smith)

Anyone have one of these for sale?

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