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DEC Robin (VT-180)

Manufacturer Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Model VT-180 aka Robin
Date Announced 1982
Date Canceled Unknnown
Number Produced Tens of thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price $5,000 or so, based on configuration
Current Value $100-$500
Processor Zilog Z80
Speed 4 MHz
ROM Unknown
Storage 180K 5.25" floppy. One or two dual-disk units could be attached.
Expansion None
Bus N/A
Video 80 or 132 column VT-100 text
I/O Serial
OS Options CP/M
Notes DEC produced the VT-180 (codenamed Robin) as an upgrade to a standard VT-100 terminal. An add-in board supplied a processor, RAM and IO including a disk interface. An external disk cabinet (or two) were added for storage. The system leveraged the popularity of the VT-100 termninal and gave DEC an entree into the PC arena.
Related Items in Collection DEC Pro 350, DEC Rainbow 100
Related Items Wanted Additional drives, software, docs, parts

This DEC Robin is in great cosmetic condition but came without software so I can't test it.

It did come boxed with the original docs, etc.

DEC Robin Boxed
DEC Robin Documentation

The DEC Robin in my collection was generously donated by Stuart Wyatt.

(Submitted August 9, 2012 15:29:42 by William Pechter)

If you want the software, it's all up on the internet. If you need me to send a copy let me know.

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