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Gridpad 2050 Tablet Computer

Manufacturer Grid Systems Corporation
Model GRiDPAD 2050SL
Date Announced 1992
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Unknown
Country of Origin USA
Price Unknown
Current Value $25-$100
Processor Intel 80386
Speed 20 MHz
RAM 4MB to 20 MB
ROM Unknown
Storage 1.44 MB 3.5" disk, 60 MB internal hard drive
Expansion None
Bus None
Video VGA - 640x480x16 colors
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options MS-DOS, Early Windows versions
Notes The GRiDPAD line were one of the earliest tablet style computers. They had a modified MS-DOS operating system designed to work with a pen.
Related Items in Collection Case, manual, pen, etc. The unit is basically new in the box.
Related Items Wanted External devices (floppy, CD-ROM, etc.)

The GridPad 2050 was a later Grid product (1993) that ran an early version of Windows as a pen application.

Gridpad 2050 box

The Gridpad in my collection is pretty much new in the box. The box itself is in excellent condition.

Gridpad 2050 box contents

The contents of the box are neatly packed with everything where it was put in the factory.

Gridpad 2050 contents

Inside are the computer, battery, disks, a laptop case and some accessories including a spare stylus and the like.

Gridpad 2050 Accessories

A closer look at the accessories.

Gridpad 2050 Manual

The machine did, of course, come with it's original manual.

Missing from the collection is an external drive or any other way of loading the machine with the software needed to run it.

(Submitted December 27, 2011 15:50:28 by MJR)

I have 1 grid pad external diskette player reader. $25+shipping. posted 12/27/1995

(Submitted December 27, 2011 15:47:29 by MJR)

I have 1 grid pad power supply for sale. $25+shipping posted 12/27/2011

(Submitted December 27, 2011 15:44:47 by MJR)

I have the complete Grid pad system for sale. 1 power supply, 1 external diskette drive for Gridpad, 1 keyboard, 1 carry case all in like new condition. posten 12/27/2011

(Submitted November 7, 2010 21:53:25 by RaV)

It's grand father of iPad! My grandad have one of these, brought back in '94, unfortunately, it stopped working from 2002, when he dropped it when he wanted to hide it from my electronic geek father ;-)

(Submitted June 14, 2010 04:19:17 by Jamie)

I had one of these. Didn't it have a PCMCIA card slot? If so you could put a small compact flash in a PCMCIA adaptor and load it off that.

(Submitted November 23, 2006 09:05:40 by (a href=mailto:)Maarten (/a))

Sinterklaas kapoentje gooi wat in me schoentje gooi wat in me laarsje dank uw sinterklaasje !

dit is geschreven door een hollander

(Submitted October 6, 2005 00:07:05 by BRIAN E SHERBAN)


(Submitted August 31, 2005 00:17:02 by jamesharrison)

i have grid parts ,,for sale ,,also looking for floppy port for my grid 1810,,,,its a goverment laptop,,,bottom says that it has not neen tested,,,and is not for sale,,the general public will not be allowed to veiw this equipment, i need ext floppy drine,,or what will work onit,,thanks ,,james

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