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Manufacturer Integrated Computer Systems
Model Standard Prototype Microcomputer
Date Announced Late 1970s
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Unknown
Country of Origin USA
Price Unknown
Current Value $5-$200
Processor Intel 8080a
Speed Unknown
Storage Cassette Tape
Expansion Several edge and pin connectors
Bus Proprietary
Video Several character LED
I/O Various
OS Options N/A
Notes None
Related Items in Collection None
Related Items Wanted Documentation and any information I can get about this system.

I recently received an Integrated Computer Systems Standard Prototype Microcomputer. The machine consists of three parts: A power supply, a single board computer and an interfacing module. As soon as I figure out any more about it I'll post what I can here. Until then, here are a few pictures.

ICS Single Board Computer

Here is the basic board with the processor in the upper left and the keypad in the lower right.

ICS SBC Interface Card

This is the Interface unit that attaches to the main board via a 50 pin ribbon cable.

ICS Power Supply

The matched power supply is a nice thing to have. With this I won't have to scrape something together with the proper outputs.

ICS SBC with plexiglass cover on

The machine is also dressed with a nice plexiglass cover.

ICS SBC assembled system

When it's all assembled it looks like this.

(Submitted March 23, 2012 06:03:39 by (a href=mailto:odotlippmannarobasnospamwda-frdotorg)Krapoutchik(/a))

Recently, i repaired 2 differents kinds of ICS card and i dumped EPROM's and scanned all the documentation in FRENCH. If you want more information you can go on this french forum, i posted many photos.

(Submitted August 15, 2011 16:00:27 by Stephen Griswold)

I have one of these in a case as well. Appears to be an 8085, not the 8080a. Looks to be in working condition. I used to write some 8085 machine code for the old TRS-80 Model 100 laptop, so would love to dig some old knowledge out of the old skull.. Does anyone have copies of the manuals?

(Submitted July 23, 2011 17:38:18 by Zach)

I would buy one of these... but I don't know how to operate them... Any help?

(Submitted June 15, 2010 10:41:04 by munni)

I have one of this unit with assembly parts list, power cord and more in a portable box .Please contact if interested in buying .

(Submitted November 2, 2009 23:54:58 by Bob)

I have a Integrated Computer System Microcomputer Training System. Powered by Xenyek Inc Model 2909 power supply date code 34-78. Appears to work. No manual. Is it worth anything to anybody?

(Submitted July 9, 2009 18:31:51 by Steve)

I just purchased the main board on eBay. I did not realize there was an interface board and unique power supply. Does anyone have an extra interface board and/or supply? Thanks, Steve

(Submitted June 25, 2009 17:21:18 by Bob)

I used to work for Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) and sold these units. ICS changed their name a number of years back, they are now called Learning Tree International. Here is their website. This unit was being phased out in the mid '80s. You may try Learning Tree International and see if they can help you at all.

(Submitted June 8, 2009 18:15:29 by tom morrison)

I need manuals as well and would pay for copies. thank you

(Submitted October 26, 2008 17:33:08 by Skeeter)

I have one new in box, but different than yours. It has what I believe to be an S-100 Bus and with keypad, display, memory and cpu (NEC 8080AFC) Just thought I would mention the difference. Also uses typical 12 vdc.

(Submitted December 27, 2007 13:44:12 by (a href=mailto:rogerd_at_dipaolotechnologies_dot_com)Roger(/a))

I have 2 ICS Trainers in working condition, one with a case and interface unit. I also have 2 manuals for them, Microcomputer Software/Hardware Training Course, parts I and II. The manuals contain schematics of the Trainer and I/F unit, and just about all of the technical data concerning this trainer that one would ever need. I'm not looking to sell as I eventually want to do some extensive experimenting with them eventually (Custom programming & developing add-on hardware), but I would be happy to assist any other owners who would like to join me in starting an ICS Trainer Club. Send me an email with the title ICS Club if interested. :)

(Submitted October 11, 2007 13:03:26 by Todd)

Correction to previous post: My unit does not include the interface unit that attaches to the main board.

(Submitted October 11, 2007 12:58:08 by Todd)

I have this same device and it appears to be in working order, although I do not have the means or know-how to test it properly. I'd like to sell it and would be willing to ship it anywhere in the lower 48 states for a flat price of $100. Anyone interested? Please contact me at

(Submitted September 1, 2007 10:49:19 by Steve Perry)

I have and am willing to sell the trainer described plus the optional real time interfacing trainer and all(4)manuals. Steve

(Submitted May 16, 2007 20:18:48 by Bob)

I own this trainer with manual and case and I am willing to sell it. Bob

(Submitted March 6, 2007 21:15:22 by dylan)

does anyone know where I could get this computer or if they are still made?? If not, I am looking for a good trainer kit does anyone have any suggestion? Thanks!

(Submitted February 18, 2007 18:22:31 by michael schoonover)


I have two of these training labs But I do not have any of the manuals. I read on That you might have some of this material. Any chance that I could get a copy? Id be happy to pay you for your time And out of pocket costs, etc. Please advise. Yours Truly, Michael Schoonover 4609 Normandy Road Fort Worth, Texas USA Ph. 817-535-1416

(Submitted February 16, 2006 07:45:16 by shaista)

thanks for the pictures, they proved to be very useful. THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN...

(Submitted January 30, 2006 11:47:26 by Dan Lanning)

I have several complete trainers and would be interested in obtaining a copy of microprocessor software & hardware volume 2 which came with the units. I have volume 1, and volumes 1 and 2 of microprocessor real-time interfacing for these trainers. I have had no luck in obtaining information from Learning Tree International ( formerly known as Integated Computer Systems Inc.

(Submitted January 26, 2006 13:41:34 by Mr P J Wooledge)

With reference to the Integrated Computer Systems Model Standard Prototype Microcomputer boards that you have.

This setup is from a machine called: THE PORTABLE MICROPROCESSOR TRAINING LAB and made by Integrated Computer Systems Inc.

I have a compleat working machine of 1978 vintage. Would you like me to take some photos of the machine for you?

(Submitted October 29, 2004 16:49:16 by (a href=mailto:)Madhatte(/a))

I can't help but think that this is a trainer of some sort. I saw NIDA trainers to this in a military school not too many years ago.

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