Other Items

Other Items of Interest

Like many collectors, I don't just collect computer systems. I also collect other interesting items related to computers. For me, items that have something to do with the evolution of computing or that have to do with documenting personal computing are the most compelling. I also collect parts of machines that I own or may someday own so that I can keep my collection running.

Lear Siegler ADM 3A dumb terminal

The Lear Siegler ADM 3A was a very common dumb terminal in the late 70s and early 80s. They were frequently used to connect to Altair, IMSAI and other similar systems.


I have a copy of VisiCalc for the Apple ][ in my collection. This program is historically significant since it was one of the first unique and useful applications available on microcomputers. It was so useful, in fact, that many corporate types purchased Apple systems just to run VisiCalc and often had to sneak them into work since the "big iron" IS folks weren't yet sold on the idea of microcomputers.

Apple ][+ bare motherboard Apple Chips

If I ever need to repair my Apple ][ Plus I have both a spare, bare motherboard and a full set of chips with instructions.

Core Memory

Just for fun I have two cans of Ferrite Cores. These little donut shaped beads were strung on a matrix of wire to the make "core memory" used in many older computers such as the DEC PDP/8 and the IBM System 360.

The S-100 Bus Handbook

The S-100 Bus Handbook by David Bursky is one of the best S-100 resources out there. As such, it is still a very sought after item.

Televideo 925 Mantenance Manual

With a Televideo 925/950 terminal in the collection it only made sense to get a copy of the Maintenance Manual.