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The Kaypro 2x Portable Computer

Manufacturer Non Linear Systems Inc., AKA Kaypro Inc.
Model 2x
Date Announced 1983
Date Canceled 1984 (re-badged as Kaypro 1)
Number Produced Unknown
Country of Origin USA
Price Unknown
Current Value $10-$100
Processor Z80A
Speed 4 MHz
ROM Unknown
Storage 2 5.25" floppy drives
Expansion None
Bus N/A
Video 80x24 text on built-in monochrome monitor
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options CP/M
Notes The Kaypro line of luggables were strong players in the arena at the end of the CP/M era. They competed well with Osborne, amongst others.
Related Items in Collection Software, manuals, Kaypro Daisy-Wheel printer, box for the system and printer. Other CP/M luggables including the Osborne 1 and Osborne 1a
Related Items Wanted Additional software and additional Kaypro versions

Non Linear Systems began producing portable computers in 1983 starting with the Kaypro II. This machine was designed after the Osborne and had many of the same attributes. Of course, there would have been no reason to create it if there wasn't something better or different. The Kaypro line was built into tough metal cases that were tougher than the Osbornes yet these machines were somewhat lighter.

The Kaypro 2x was one of the last Kaypro models produced. It had 2 floppy drives, a 9 inch monitor (far larger then the Osborne) and a built-in modem (300 baud). It ran CP/M 2.2 just like the Osbornes and could even read and write Osborne disks.

The Kaypro in my collection is a very clean example with all of its documentation and original software. It also came complete with a Kaypro brand letter quality printer which uses daisy wheel technology.

(Submitted August 9, 2012 12:36:48 by Gerry Thomas)

I have a Kaypro 4 with Digital Research manual (copyright 1976, 1977, 1978)an intorduction to CP/M features and facilities. Would like $200 for it....I am in Moncton, NB Canada

(Submitted May 22, 2012 21:00:17 by Douglas)

KayPro 2Xs and KayPro dasiy wheel printers.

(Submitted July 27, 2011 21:54:29 by Rosemarie)

Hey! If anyone is still interested, I have an original kaypro, a kaypro 2, software and workbooks you can have them for shipping costs and 10.00 to 40.00 (best offer). If you live locally, you can pick them up. If your strapped for cash but still want them let me know. I'll mail them to you for the shipping cost )or free if pick up) if no one else responds. I hate to throw them out but I don't know anything about computers.

(Submitted April 14, 2010 16:43:12 by Bill Eaton)

I have an kaypro 2 but no software. Does anyone have copies of the OS to share?

(Submitted January 28, 2010 12:10:54 by David Wills)

I just got a working Kaypro 2X with a built in 300 baud modem. The TERM program on the CP/M 2.2g floppy does nothing. What can I do to connect to a BBS? Thanks for any help.

(Submitted January 20, 2010 21:38:23 by Benjamin)

Here is a Kaypro TV commercial!

(Submitted October 8, 2009 07:23:31 by Greg Yesionek)

Someone just gave me 2X but no operating system software. Where can I get a copy? Thanks

(Submitted July 10, 2009 15:56:00 by Ed Conner)

I have a Kaypro 2x with manuals, additional software, etc. that I just want to find good home for. Will give away or ship if I receive advance payment for shipping. I live in Frankfort, Kentucky.

(Submitted July 5, 2009 14:20:29 by Rachel)

How much is the Kaypro 2 computer worth? (excellent condition with manuals and software)

(Submitted April 14, 2009 15:43:26 by Mark)

I am looking at possibly purchasing a Kaypro II. It was my first computer and would love to have one to tinker with again.

(Submitted January 17, 2009 13:28:16 by Jeff Eaton)

I have two KayPro 2Xs that still work perfectly; I have one complete set of the original documentation; I have 2 KayPro dasiy wheel printers - one works well, the other recently stopped working. I also have an IBM dot matrix that works with the computers.I live in the Salt Lake area if anyone has an interest in these.

(Submitted October 30, 2008 16:33:29 by macnerd)

If any one wants to sell me a kaypro 2x or a kaypro 10 with cp/m. would love extra software and accessories. I will take it for less than $20. NO MORE THAN $20. Will pay extra for shipping.

(Submitted August 2, 2008 17:18:34 by Richard Lamb)

If your Kaypro won't start...

Solder the power connectors/wires!

These are just crimped connections that eventually fail. Soldering usually fixes the dead Kaypro problem.

Best wished for happy computing.

Richard Lamb

(Submitted July 27, 2008 10:10:05 by (a

I was friends with and for a time worked for a dealer that was one of the first Kaypro stores. Some of his early machines were labeled 'Kaycomp II'. When a friend of mine bought one, she was given a Kaycomp cover to replace the Kaypro one,so that the store demo could have the newer shell.

The original Kaypros were 2.5MHz not 4. I think that the 4MHz ones were a later motherboard. I think that that's what the '2x' meant. The originals also used full height drives and the whole right side was one big opening for the two drives.

We also did some Kaypro modding. We made a 5Mhz daughter board that plugged into the CPU socket. It doubled the clock speed, but had to add a wait state. This increased the speed about 60%.

We also made a video daughter board that added true descenders and VT-52 character graphics.

I think that I still have wire wrapped prototypes of these lying around the basement somewhere.

(Submitted June 28, 2008 18:57:37 by Patti)

I have a Kaypro printer Juki 6100 Letter-quality Daisy Wheel--13-inch platen, 18 characters per second, a real collectors' item. Want to sell to best bidder.

(Submitted May 15, 2008 23:38:01 by Peggy)

I have a kaypro ii for sale. It was my brother's and works great, has the original diskettes and all the manuals. I'm in Kansas City, MO.

(Submitted April 18, 2008 13:32:05 by Vic)

I have a Kaypro II that I just purchased from e- bay...not in working order. I am currently looking for a power supply and CPM 2.2 SS/DD disketts. Any suggestions?

(Submitted December 23, 2007 16:39:26 by Frank)

Is anyone still interested in purchasing Kaypro items? We are downsizing in retirement and sometime in the Spring of 2008, April or May, we will get our next dumpster. They are on the list to be disposed of ,unless it is worthwhile disposing of them in another acceptable way. Naturally,I will try eBay with a local go between. They served my wife and I very well in the 1980's and early 1990's in our many professional, volunteer and hobbies. I can send you a detailed list with even s/n, model numbers, digital pictures, etc. Briefly: all 6 Kaypro 8's were modified by me from Kaypro 4's using Microcornucopia directions and parts. I kept them running with whatever that was needed including: 2 CRT's + boards 4 main boards 4 power supplies numerous chips including Z80's - A and B, etc. numerous Teac and Tandon drives Technical manuals original software etc. Thanks! Frank

(Submitted November 19, 2007 14:05:36 by Dan McNeil)

I've got a Kaypro II (serial# 3905) and a Juki 6300 printer that work perfectly. I'm the original owner. Also have software, cables, acrylic printer stand, tractor feed, extra printer cartridges, extra floppies, an assortment of daisywheels, and a collection of ProFiles magazines. Any fair offer considered.

(Submitted October 12, 2007 13:36:43 by PJ)

Looking for someone in the metro DC area willing to donate software, manuals, and/or documentation for the Kaypro II, Kaypro 2, and Kaypro 10. I can drive to your location if need be.

Thank you!

(Submitted August 22, 2007 10:02:43 by John Zerbe)

I see the Kaypro 2 and 10 listed on this site. Am I the only one with a 4/84? Still works with all of its software....

(Submitted June 12, 2007 13:26:02 by Phil Burke)

I bought a Kaypro 2X in 1984 packaged with a daisywheel printer. It came bundled with CP/M-80 for the operating system and word processor, spreadsheet, and database applications. Seems like the bundle with the printer was $1,999.00 plus tax. Lost it when a storage unit place confiscated my stuff for back rent.

(Submitted June 1, 2007 21:25:20 by Jason)

I have a KayPro 2X with daisy wheel printer and disks with CP/M and Wordstar. Free to a good home, needs to go ASAP. I am currently in the Charlotte, NC area, but I may be able to meet anyone interested anywhere between there and Manassas, VA (I'm moving). Everything worked beautifully when it was last turned on (2-3 years ago). It has been stored in a climate-controlled closet since. 2nd owner, both non-smoking. Email me if you're interested.

(Submitted May 31, 2007 16:27:36 by Glenda)

Have a Kaypro II. No software. Everything appears to work. Would like to buy the software and manuals. Another computer for parts would be nice.

(Submitted January 27, 2007 06:26:55 by Mike)

My wife designed the Kaypro logo while in college. Her grandfather ran Andy Kay's purchasing department (or something similiar). I would like to get a Kaypro for my collection of antiques, working or not, free or reasonable price. I will pay shipping to NC. Thanks!

(Submitted January 23, 2007 12:31:11 by Jorge)

I want to sell a kypro computer. it functions excelent with a printer.

(Submitted December 16, 2006 08:34:24 by ab)

The KayPro 2X that I listed on October 27, 2006 has found a new owner.... someone trying to read old discs... But I continue to get a lot of requests for the old gal. Why is there so much interest in KayPros?

(Submitted December 12, 2006 08:06:19 by DAVID)




(Submitted October 27, 2006 19:43:05 by ab)

I have a Kaypro 2x with manuals, etc. that I would give to anyone who wants it. I'm in Nashville, TN. It worked just fine the last time I used it, which is I can't remember how long ago. I want to move it out quickly.

(Submitted October 7, 2006 10:05:38 by gabriel3d)

I have a Kaypro II that I want to give away. It seems to be in good condition and it did boot up a few years ago when I powered it up. I live in Montreal, Canada.

(Submitted October 3, 2006 12:09:34 by Kathy)

I've got 2 Kaypros in my storeroom, the 2 and 2X ... with all the goodies and a daisy-wheel printer with keyboard. Wrote a book on the Kaypro and lots of other things. Worked great last time I turned them on. Would be interested in finding new home(s) for them. I'm south of Tacoma, WA near Yelm.

(Submitted August 21, 2006 01:28:17 by Ben Voiles)

I think Peggy Hill on the TV show King of the Hill uses a Kaypro!

(Submitted August 11, 2006 21:48:51 by Tay)

I just purchased a late model 2 or 4 with half height drives and a built in modem (with the Kaypro-branded NEC SpinWriter letter quality printer) for $100. It works like new.

(Submitted July 19, 2006 09:37:51 by Richard)

Just to help you out with the summary.

Purchase price $1748.00 in 1983

(Submitted July 9, 2006 15:23:40 by David)

A big improvement that could be made to a 2X was to run ZCPR instead of CP/M. This operating system made full use of the Z80 CPU while CP/M was designed to use an 8080. ZCPR gave you named directories and search paths among many other features. Remember Turbo Pascal? Boreland also created Turbo Modula 2 in a CP/M version but never brought it out in MSDOS. A program called Rembrandt gave the 2X some rough graphics. Smart Key gave the ability to create macros. A communications program called Mite gave terminal emulation capabilities. I used this at work to turn my 2X into a DEC 100 dumb terminal. Dbase, available for a 2X was an excellent database program. I wish I had it on my current computer. Multiplan was a spreadsheet that worked better than Calc Star. Available hardware upgrades were internal 1200 baud modems and internal hard drives (req'd ZCPR?).

(Submitted July 5, 2006 12:01:20 by Dave Nolf)

I have a Kaypro 2X with the soft that came with it. It worked the last time I used it about 1996. I live in the Lehigh Valley PA area if anyone would like it.

(Submitted June 2, 2006 05:50:19 by Gary)

I have a Kaypro 2 computer with all of the initial software and manuals received at time of purchase that I would like to sell. The machine worked when I stopped using it. It will not boot now but based on sound and amateur analysis it seems that the power in not getting beyond the power supply. I live in SE Michigan. I also visit family in Grand Rapids area periodically and could arrange to deliver.

(Submitted May 3, 2006 19:01:34 by Alex)

I am looking for a kaypro 2 or 2x in working or non-working condition, I live around the seattle area, but I am willing to pay to have one shipped from anywhere. I am going to use it for its case, so its working condition doesn't matter, but I would hate to waste a working kaypro just for its case

(Submitted March 12, 2006 15:46:29 by (a href=mailto:atari7800mod-at-yahoo-dot-com)Mark Graybill(/a))

For manuals on older software, check out and search on the name of the software program in the title field. On dBase I highly recommend the books by Miriam Liskin and Alan Simpson.

Also, Wikipedia has some info here:

On another note:

If you've got a Kaypro you'd like to find a home for I recommend listing your general location. Typically the cost of shipping is more than folks want to pay for a machine that's basically going to be a hobby item these days, so finding a local person who's interested in picking it up from you will often be the best way to pass it on.

If anyone in the east Sacramento/Sierra Foothills area (Roseville, Placerville, Auburn, Grass Valley etc.) has an 8-bit system they want to find a home for, contact me and I'll take it off your hands. Ditto for parts, documentation, 8 inch floppies, etc.

(Submitted March 1, 2006 15:23:49 by Phil)

I'm interested in aquiring the documentation that came with my Kaypro 4, especially, dbase II, but also Datastar, Reportstar and Calcstar plus others.

(Submitted January 8, 2006 21:21:18 by Dale)

I wonder how much value these puters have in precious metal contacts such as gold silver and platinum

(Submitted December 30, 2005 18:53:59 by C Pruszko)

I have a Kaypro II for sale in the original packaging and all original diskettes, manuals, etc plus over 20 more diskettes of public domain software and much more purchased software for it. It is in very good shape and like new

Make an offer...

(Submitted December 24, 2005 06:50:14 by Francis Massen)

I have a working Kaypro 4, but no system boot disk (5.25); the Bios Eprom is 81-278. Any help or clue will be appreciated! THX, Francis

(Submitted December 20, 2005 13:58:35 by Diego)

Does anybody know how to conmute the kaypro II power supply to 220 Volts...

Does anybody has a Kaypro II working at 220Volts

Regards Nokotoa

(Submitted December 14, 2005 09:16:48 by Patrick)

I have a Kaypro 16 with 2 floppy drives, I have replaced one of the drive with a 30 Meg Seagate hard drive. What is the current value for this computer?

(Submitted November 24, 2005 08:29:48 by Everett Thomas)

I have 2 Kaypro II ' s in good condition and I would like to sell both. I am in Atlanta , Georgia ET

(Submitted November 5, 2005 10:41:54 by Aaron)

I have a Kaypro 2, and I went to turn it on, and it seems to boot up fine, other than the screen not showing anything. I have already played with the brightness knob, and clunked around on the keyboard (noise comes from the speakers when I hit keys), and it sounds like its in running order. Im expecting a promt on the screen saying I need to put my boot disc in, but it isnt showing up, Any help would be appreciated.

(Submitted October 27, 2005 13:15:54 by Ken Kaplan)

I notice there is no info about the Northstar Advantage (on this site). I have one, works, and also software and original manuals. Any offers would be considered. Thanks, Ken

(Submitted October 8, 2005 10:58:03 by Alan Chapman)

I'm moving and would love to find a new home for my old working, souped-up Kaypro 2 with all manuals and softwall, zippered carrying case, floppies, etc. I'll gladly give it away, if you'll pick it up or pay for shipping; I'm in eastern MA area. What does souped-up mean, you ask? I double the clockspeed to 5 mghtz, added a third, high-density floppy drive, and a special version of CPM that allows access to all three drives.

(Submitted September 26, 2005 13:29:49 by Jeanie)

My friend is moving, has a bunch of stuff you wouldn't believe! Needs to pare down, has what is marked as Kaypro 2x, with manuals and other stuff. . .LA, CA/San Fernando Valley area. Actually she says she has 2 of these computers, would like to get them to someone who would appreciate them. . . . any help/advice appreciated. . .Thanks! I haven't learned to sell on eBay yet, is this where I have to start? Did anyone figure out how much this stuff is to ship? Sounds heavy! Jeanie C.

(Submitted July 1, 2005 04:05:54 by Michele)

Anyone can share Software Disk image of the operating system CP/M for Kaypro II?

(Submitted June 6, 2005 08:25:04 by Erik Klein)

Re: I have a Keypro II but i have not the keyboard cable....anyone know cable specification?

I think a straight phone cord will work. I haven't tried one though. . .

(Submitted June 3, 2005 06:07:44 by Michele)

I have a Keypro II but i have not the keyboard cable....anyone know cable specification?

(Submitted April 1, 2005 09:21:38 by Tony Higgins)

Another unusual Kaypro was the Kaypro 2000 laptop. Mine is fully descked out with a 720k floppy drive, 768k RAM, and all the original software (an impressive bundle in its day). The system has a CGA 4-step mono screen, a detachable keyboard (very rare in any laptop!), and used a very strange battery for those days - a Gates cell. This led to many problems, since people would treat it like a NiCad and run it down to keep the life good. Unfortunately, the Gates cell design is more like the batteries used in emergency lighting - it's designed to be charged at all times, and running it completely down will kill it!

(Submitted March 15, 2005 14:22:07 by Melissa)

I would really love a KayPro of any sort, but I'm just a little kid who happens to be a geek and have 7 computers. I can't even afford shipping, so probably nobody would want to give me one.

(Submitted March 13, 2005 12:48:28 by Joseph Castine)

Kaypro 2X for sale on ebay!

(Submitted February 12, 2005 19:04:07 by Rick)

I have a Kaypro 2x in excellent working condition with all the original disks and manuals including the Rembrandt program, and an Okidata 92 printer for sale....welcome inquiries

(Submitted January 13, 2005 05:15:02 by Phil Hovatter)

The moderator of this Web site states above that the 2X was one of the last Kaypro model produced. Not so! Kaypro made the inevitable transition into the MS-DOS arena and manufactured computers under the Kaypro brand name through the first three generations of Intel processors. The Kaypro 386 was truly among the last model produced. I was a salesman at a Kaypro dealership in Palatine, IL up until 1988. While other brands were creeping into our product mix, Kaypro was our flagship brand up to that time. I left the Kaypro dealership to launch a desktop publishing company (still florishing 17 years later), where Kaypro 8088 PCs (the Kaypro PC-20 and PC-30) were our platform of choice.

(Submitted December 26, 2004 16:09:54 by Paula)

I have a kaypro 2X with all the manuals and the software that I am willing to part with because of limited room in my condo.

I live in USA in Washington, DC area.

I no longer had the daisy wheel printer, but I may still have some daisy wheels in different fonts.

(Submitted November 28, 2004 09:34:54 by Kevin Lawton)

This is one of those machines which I've always wanted, but never even seen 'in the flesh'. It would be good to add a luggable to my collection of CP/M goodies and I'd really like to have one. Trouble is, we just don't ever seem to see them in the UK. If anyone is able to offer me one - preferably working and with a boot disk (though I might be able to get a disk elsewhere) then please, please, please let me know. Thanks, Kevin.

(Submitted October 23, 2004 21:50:11 by Dave)

I have a complete Kaypro 16 system, running MS- DOS 2.11 with 512k memory, complete with all manuals, original software disks (and copies), and the hard to find optional 12 color monitor. Anyone know if I have something worth selling (we're probably talking about a minimum of 40 pounds of packaging) or would I be better off continuing to stun little kids, who invariably say you mean THAT'S all that computers used to do?

(Submitted October 18, 2004 20:50:24 by Erik)

Working Kaypro's can usually be found on eBay for under $100 US. I wouldn't be able to guess at shipping to Spain, but they aren't all that heavy (about 16-20 Kilos depending on what's included in the package, etc.)

Best of luck!

(Submitted October 17, 2004 10:16:43 by ilmarenen)

Hi, I have been looking for a Kaypro unit for same time (till i sold mine one about 16 years ago) but it is not easy to find them in Spain.

I am starting a small museum for my kids (by now only a ZX81, Spectrum, C64, SVI328, Casio PB100, Casio FX850) How much could cost a Working Kaypro Unit and how much would it be sending it to Spain (Europe)

Thank you very much


(Submitted September 5, 2004 21:38:53 by Graydon Hare Jr.)

I have a Kaypro 2 with an 88 chip that I used as a ram drive. I had no software for the generic 88 other than the provided software. I'm not sure of the value or novelty value of this luggable and lovable old friend.

(Submitted July 30, 2004 16:19:42 by Dawn)

I have a Kaypro 2X with boot disk, software, manuals, printer, all in excellent working condition for sale. Email me.

(Submitted July 23, 2004 13:27:41 by sheila)

I have several Kaypro's, manuals, software and Kapro magazines. Interested?

(Submitted July 19, 2004 18:14:38 by Raja)

..Hello.. ...I also have a KayPro 2 for sale or donation... ..Please let me know if you are interested! ...Be Seeing You...Raja...

(Submitted July 7, 2004 07:50:45 by Neil Macdougall)

I have a KayPro II and associated manuals for sale or donation. I'd welcome enquiries.

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