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The Laser 50 Computer

Manufacturer Video Technology
Model Laser 50
Date Announced 1984
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Unknown
Country of Origin Hong Kong
Price Unknown
Current Value $25-$50
Processor Zilog Z80
Speed 3.5 MHz
RAM 2K-18K
Storage Optional Tape drive
Expansion RAM and peripherals
Bus N/A
Video LCD - 16 5x7 characters or 80x7 dots
I/O Parallel, Cassette
OS Options Built-in
Notes The Laser 50 was an educational computer that ran BASIC and also doubled as a calculator. Considering the handle built into the case it was also a portable.
Related Items in Collection Heathkit ET-3400 and other trainers.
Related Items Wanted Any of the peripherals made for the machine.

The Laser 50 was an interesting little training PC. It had a full-travel keyboard that was easier to type on than many of the early "cheap" computers and it was reasonably capable and expandable.

Contents of the Laser 50 box

The example in my collection is a little tempermental, but it has been known to run. It came boxed with the manual and some other literature.

Ad for the Laser 50 and peripherals

Per this ad the Laser 50 could be had with any number of peripherals including a tape drive and printer.

(Submitted January 8, 2012 20:11:41 by rob evans)

I have one still in the box complete never used. I would like to sell.

(Submitted January 16, 2011 23:50:50 by Michael Merrick)

If anyone has any reference material scanned that they could share for the Laser 50, I would really appreciate it. References needed most are those for programming and information about the expansion port in the rear.

Thanks, Michael Merrick

(Submitted July 11, 2010 02:18:26 by Chatura)

This was my first computer. I was merely 6 years old when my father let me touch it.

I am a manager of a large IT firm now. Thank you laser 50!

(Submitted March 13, 2010 05:21:09 by mohsen razmi)

it was very intrestig and wonderfull, working with it !!! I`ve learned basic in my first training almost 20 yrs ago with this usefull model.I keep it in my office as a nice memo of my yuoth....

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