Altos 5-15ad

Altos 5-15 A/D system with Televideo 925 terminal

Altos was a manufacturer of "standard" Z-80 systems. The Altos System 5 in my collection was intended to be a multi user MP/M based office computer. The chassis is fairly simple with a single board Z-80 based computer running at 4 Mhz, a pair of 5.25" drives and 192K of bank switchable RAM.

The computer will run either CP/M or MP/M.

This machine came with a ton of documentation, software and a Televideo terminal (these seem to have been standard fare with the Altos systems - my ACS8000 came with one too).

The machine is mostly functional with some disk issues that need to be resolved. It's likely to be either timing or alignment since the disks do spin, but the computer kicks back an error when it tries to read disks.

The Altos 5-15 A/D Boot Screen

The boot text shown when the Altos is turned on.

The Altos 5-15 A/D Documentation Binder

The system came with the original documentation binder which contains a handful of manuals for the machine. It also came with a number of the original Altos disks.

Other documents that came with the Altos 5-15 A/D system

Additional software and manuals were also included with this computer. A NEC Daisy Wheel printer, not pictured, came with the package.

Obviously everything is a little dusty and needs some TLC, but this is a fine, mostly working system.

This machine was kindly donated by S. Reed Poverny on behalf of The Estate of Muriel Pollia.