Apple ][+

Introduced in 1979, the Apple ][ Plus was Apple's third machine released, after the Apple I and Apple ][. The Plus was virtually identical to the standard Apple ][ model, but it had a different ROM monitor and a floating point BASIC.

This particular Apple ][ Plus has two floppy drives, a joystick, an 80 column card, printer card and that strange keypad that you see in the picture. I honestly have no idea what that item is, so if there are any hints out there I'm hoping for some information.

I also have a full set of manuals for this machine, as well as a couple of dozen disks full of software.

I've recently added a second Apple ][ Plus to my collection. This one came with its original boxes!

Apple ][ Plus boxed system

The boxed Apple ][+.

Apple ][ Plus box open

The Apple ][+ box, partly open showing the manuals, cables and some disks (in the box to the left.)

Apple ][ Plus box open

Removing the top packaging shows the machine below in its original bag. There is no doubt that this is a used system, but it's been well kept, as has the packaging.

Apple ][ Plus drives

The disk ][ drives also came with their original boxes, foam and documentation.

Apple ][ Plus computer

The system unit is clean and in excellent shape.

Apple ][ Plus System

The system, assembled and complete.

The keyboard is a bit stubborn but that can be cleaned and tuned.

Apple ][ Plus Manuals

The system came complete with a full set of Apple manuals as well as some after-market stuff.

Thank you Jerry Stanley for donating this latter system!