Heathkit H-11a

The H-11 in my collection hasn't yet been fully evaluated but it does run without smoking. Look for updates and here as time permits.

Inside the H-11 computer

The H-11 came with several of the standard DEC cards

Heathkit H-11 manual and schematics

The H-11 came pretty much fully documented. Here are the Assembly manual and schematics

H-11 documentation binders

Tons of other Heathkit reference manuals were included in these binders.

H-11 DEC books

As were the appropriate DEC books.

Heathkit H-11 software on 8 inch diskettes

The system came with lots of software on 8" disks.

Heathkit H-11 software on 8 inch diskettes

Still more software for this system.

The H-11 gear in my collection was kindly donated by Gary Appel.