IBM PC Portable

The IBM Portable PC was IBM's answer to Compaq and their Portable. The IBM machine boasted 100% IBM compatibility, of course, whereas the Compaq couldn't quite get there (mainly because they couldn't put BASIC in ROM).

The IBM Portable PC was actually a tiny bit smaller then the Compaq and just a little less expensive. The competition spurred Compaq to produce some smaller, more powerful and less expensive machines.

The back of the IBM PC Portable

Seen from the back the Portable PC has all of the ports and slots typical of an IBM XT.

A closeup of the IBM PC Portable screen

The screen on the IBM PC Portable was one of its strong points. The bright amber display was both attractive and easy on the eyes. Just for fun I booted up DOS 1.0 on this portable (they typically shipped with 2.0 or later) to see how it looked.

IBM PC Portable covered up and ready to travel

The PC Portable was a transportable machine. This one came with the optional IBM carrying case made of sturdy blue canvas capable of holding the considerable weight of this machine.

System and associated items Donated by Michael Woo