TRS-80 Model 1

There are currently 3 TRS-80 Model Is in my collection. Two are versions without the numeric keypad, both of which have been upgraded to Level II ROMs. Both are fully functional.

The system unit is complete and in very good shape. As is typical with these units, some of the silver paint has worn away below the keyboard. I'm not sure why Radio Shack didn't just make them that way!

TRS-80 Model I display

The monitor is a modified black and white RCA 13" television set. The tuner was removed and a nameplate added during the conversion.

TRS-80 Model I Expansion Interface

The expansion interface is designed to sit behind the CPU/Keyboard and beneath the monitor. It contains the power supply for the system unit, up to 32K of additional RAM, two cassette ports and a floppy disk interface.

TRS-80 Model I 5.25 inch floppy drive

The TRS-80 floppy drives were typical full-height, soft sectored 35 or 40 TPI units storing about 140K or so of data.

TRS-80 Model I full system

When assembled into a full system the setup requires a number of interconnects and at least 4 power plugs (with one disk drive)

The TRS-80 Model 1 Documentation

The system came with a complete set of documentation for BASIC, TRS DOS, the Expansion Interface and the machine itself

Thank you to Bob Wickman who donated one of these machines along with a bunch of other TRS-80 Model I gear.