Commodore Vic-20

In 1980, Commodore Business Machines, building on the success of their PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) line of computers entered the home market in force with the introduction of the Vic-20. This little machine, basically an oversized keyboard with a computer stuffed inside, was sold as an alternative to the gaming systems that were popular at the time (Atari 2600, etc.) The Vic-20 was actually more powerful then the game systems and had the ability to do more then just play games since it was, after all, a full computer.

The machine accepted cartridges for much of its programming with an optional tape drive being the most commonly used “mass storage.” The machine is, however, compatible with the disk drives that came along a bit later with its big brother, the Commodore 64.

The VIC-20 in my collection comes with its original box and power supply.

The Commodore 5.25 inch disk drive model 1541

It also comes with a Commodore 1541 5.25" floppy drive.

The Commodore 1541 disk drive box

The disk drive is also boxed.

I've also got the original VIC-20 manual (not pictured. . . yet) but no cartridges or software for this machine.

The VIC-20 in my collection was donated by Rick Collette along with several other very nice items!