Telcon Zorba

The Telcon Zorba was a late entrant into the world of CP/M portables. By the time it was introduced the Kaypro and Osborne machines already dominated that market and the Compaq, along with others, were making inroads into the DOS portable marketplace.

These factors probably contributed to the short production run for the Zorba although it's quality and it's ability to read disks from almost any other CP/M system helped it become fairly popular while it lasted.

The Telcon Zorba with the case closed

The Zorba packed up nicely into a case about the same size as the old Osborne 1.

The Telcon Zorba computer cover

The Zorba's also came with 5-sided slipcovers to protect the outer case from damage. The handle poked through the top and a strap ran under the keyboard to secure it further. There was a side pocket big enough to hold disks and some documentation.

The Telcon Zorba disks

These are the 5 original disks that shipped with the Zorba. A CP/M master, Wordstar, MailMerge, CalcStar, and more. As you can see, this machine is pristine enough to have its original drive protectors included.

The entire Telcon Zorba collection

The machine also came with a full set of manuals for the machine and the MicroPro software as well as a "Learning the Zorba" tutorial on tape.