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Panasonic Sr. Partner System

Manufacturer Panasonic
Model Senior Partner
Date Announced 1983
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Unknown
Country of Origin Japan
Price Approximately $3,500
Current Value $10-$100
Processor Intel 8088
Speed 4.77 MHz
RAM 128K-512K
ROM Unknown
Storage 2 built-in 5.25" floppy drives
Expansion One expansion slot
Video CGA - 320x200x16 color, 640x200x2 color
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options MS-DOS
Notes The Panasonic Sr. Partner was an early IBM PC clone and one of the first out of Japan. It was a fairly standard luggable design with the exception of having a built-in printer.
Related Items in Collection Other PCs and clones including Columbia VP, Compaq Portable and an original IBM PC
Related Items Wanted Documentation, original software

The Panasonic Sr. Partner was a "luggable" machine like the Compaq Portable. Like the Compaq it was also an early IBM PC clone. Unlike the Compaq it had a built-in thermal printer.

Panasonic Sr. Partner closed up and ready for travel

The system closed up into a nice, carry-on suitcase sized enclosure.

Panasonic Sr. Partner Screen

The system in my collection is working with a few software errors that need to be worked out.

(Submitted September 26, 2012 08:22:37 by Joe)

Mike Mgrdeichian- I heard about Panasonic steeling the BIOS. I have one of these beauties I used in college mid 80's. Still have the OS and a lot of old games & programming language disks/Fortran/Pascal/Basic.

(Submitted March 22, 2011 17:40:19 by Chris)

When I was around 10, in the mid 90s, computers still had a certain scarcity to them and there was never one handy for me to take as my very own (this led to many fights over who got to use the our pentium family computer).

Digging through some of my dad's old stuff, I unearthed this beast and 2 boxes of floppies. Using this monster became my own personal adventure: programming in BASIC, writing batch files, and exploring all of the old and often hilarious software. Even though we had a bubblejet printer, I did my homework on the Partner and turned it in printed out right on the papyrus scroll. Though I grew up with multimedia computing and internet, this machine brought me so much joy because it was mine and mine only.

My parents eventually made me throw it away. At that point, however, I had found another hand-me-down 386 laptop with windows 3.1 on it, and, well, a GUI of my own was just so much more exciting.

(Submitted December 23, 2010 18:49:40 by Josh)

According to the BASIC demo included in the system floppy, this computer has 16KB of ROM.

(Submitted May 24, 2010 15:42:37 by Erroll)

Hi, my Sr. Partner (mentioned above on Sep 9, '09) is now up for sale on eBay: Auction will end on 5/30/2010. Start price is $99.99. The computer is in gorgeous condition, so if you always wanted one of these (or if you used to have one and wish you never sold it) now's your chance!

(Submitted January 28, 2010 00:35:56 by RL)

I have one of these (dual floppy model) and the original box it came in - somewhere down in the basement...

(Submitted January 14, 2010 00:46:03 by H. Kornman)

My first machine, bought it for $2,400 in 1983. I have fond memories, worked on it endlessly and loved the thermal printer; pages rolled up and friends teased that I was sending them papyrus rolls. Still in the garage; used up the PFS files but still have the original 3-ring manuals and operating disk. Also upgraded the RAM. *sigh* Know if any museum interested in it?

(Submitted December 27, 2009 13:36:12 by Vic)

Have any unused 5 1/4 disks for sale?

(Submitted November 20, 2009 21:28:32 by Jenni)

I recently inherited one of these from my late grandfather. I don't believe it still works, but this is where I started in my computer education. At the moment, I'm going for a degree in Networking.. funny how things start.

(Submitted October 21, 2009 15:30:04 by William Walker)

I have recently stumbled upon one of these little beauties. But unfortunately all the disks were thrown out before I came to find what I had. If anyone has the Boot Disk for sale. I would be very interested in getting this old girl started up again. Please contact me at if you have a disk available.

(Submitted September 9, 2009 15:05:51 by Erroll)

I have a very clean Sr. Partner that's been carefully stored for years, from when I used to collect old computers. I'd like to get $100 for it, plus shipping from 86336. If anyone is interested please email me at If you are SERIOUS, then I will dig it out and email pics if desired. Otherwise it will just stay boxed, or eventually get listed on eBay.


(Submitted December 19, 2008 15:09:48 by Mark)

I have one of these machines in my garage. It will start up, but I do not think any operating system is still on here. Anyone needs it, make me an offer.

(Submitted April 11, 2008 22:44:25 by Doug)

does anyone who has one of these have the time to take measurements? im trying to retro an old computer into a ridiculous new one. i need to know the size so i can order custom internals

(Submitted March 21, 2008 10:33:41 by Frank)

I owned a clone of this made by Nixdorf Computer in Germany. Gave it to a friend to add it to his collection.

(Submitted March 18, 2008 12:41:43 by Chris Rideout)

I bought one for about $1,800 in 1985. It had 256k ram. It came with PFS Write, File, Report, and some spreadsheet. I later got Multiplan and the fabulous Framework by Ashton-Tate. It was a very good machine for what it was. I did early BBSing with it, and carried it back and forth from my office from time to time. I later got a Panasonic printer which was really cool. Then I got a used 286, but in 1996 I got a Mac and I am on my 4th mac now.

(Submitted February 21, 2008 10:53:01 by Bernadette Klein)

This was my first computer and cost me $2500 - lot of money in those days. I was in Word Processing on IBM Mag Cards and System 6 and 5520. When Personal PC's came out, I was something to learn on, so I bought this one, lasted couple years and then got the Leading Edge. Think I got an IBM PS2 after that. Yeah the ole days! Was exciting times as technology was changing rapidly!

(Submitted January 23, 2008 21:36:03 by Nikki)

I just listed a manual on ebay. We had the computer too, but its long gone. I found this while Googling.

(Submitted December 10, 2007 09:36:26 by Carlos Lara)

Hola soy de Ecuador, y quisiera saber cual es el precio de esta computadora SR. Partner que esta arriba en la foto tengo una y quisiera saber si puedo obtener una buena cantidad o no tiene valor de antigŁedad

(Submitted October 21, 2007 22:07:17 by Quaalude Charlie )

I had one. These are Heavy 51 lb's i think . mine was in just as good a condition as this one . I Donated it to Laclede Computer Trading Co. in St.Louis , it's in the Guy's Window . i played some old Games on it and used the printer , the reason i donated it was it is Very Heavy . and although i miss having it . it's in a Better place , if the guy stays in biasness another 20 years and he is 50 is i think he will it'll wind up in a museum .

(Submitted October 9, 2006 17:36:42 by Mike Mgrdeichian)

This is an illegal computer to have in the United States. Masushita or Panasonic stole the Bios from IBM at a Comdex show and was fined 6 million dollars for the crime and forbidden to market it in the USA. I was the agent that caught them.

(Submitted September 7, 2006 14:45:29 by Sid Hobbs)

Computers I have loved. BBC Models A B C Archimedes,Einstein,several others I can hardly remember,purchased for a song in Car Boot sales in The UK between 1982 1990,each led me on a delightfull journey of discovery,none of them compare in efficiency to this computer,but boy,they were such FUN as captain Kirk said. There was a group called Ian Drury and the Blockheads,in the UK in the 70s,and he wrote a song that I often think of when enjoying these computers it was called there aint half some clever bastards around, .More strenghth to you arm,regards Sid

(Submitted August 24, 2006 03:15:11 by chartlie )

i sold it for $35.00 Charlie

(Submitted January 5, 2006 20:29:55 by Pam)

I have one of these which I am sure is functional. I do not have any of the disks which it did have with it. It needed a boot disk along with a program disk when it was used. Can anyone help me with a copy of the original boot disk? thanks, Pam

(Submitted August 2, 2005 14:14:24 by MARIO)

hola: tengo una computadora panasonic modelo: rl- h700w serial 4caka01640 funcionando quisiera saber si les podria interezar.saludos mario

(Submitted July 22, 2005 12:29:22 by RIck)

I have a complete senior partner for sale also $100.00 plus shipping, everything still works like new.

(Submitted July 14, 2005 20:49:59 by Alex Lopez)

i have one of these it turns on but i dont think there is a program on there i will take 50 dolars plus shiping

(Submitted July 13, 2005 12:57:12 by Dave)

I have one of these enormous paperweights. It was a sturdy, and ridiculously heavy unit that had crappy printout quality, and a monochrome screen. Almost completely worthless by today's standards Good for nothing other than text, and possibly it's intrinsic value as a vintage item.

(Submitted December 21, 2004 06:28:27 by Ron Rubsam)

I have a complete Sr. model for sale for $100 + shipping

(Submitted October 19, 2004 15:23:04 by George H. Paulsell)

What is the key combination to turn off the on board printer, so you can use a external printer?

(Submitted October 12, 2004 15:28:23 by George H. Paulsell)

I am looking for a backplate for mine. Thats the plastic plate that covers thr connections.

(Submitted October 12, 2004 15:26:13 by George H. Paulsell)

The keyboard circuitry is carbon based. If the circuit is broken you can use a pencil to write-over the break to repair it.

(Submitted October 9, 2004 18:22:20 by charlie)

this computer is still working as of 10-10-04 and i find it usefull but alass ,up for sale 314 457 1302 charlie thank you.

(Submitted July 30, 2004 12:44:32 by jordan)

approximately 60 pounds

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