Portable Companion

Issue Date Title
1 June/July, 1982 Premier Issue
2 August/September, 1982 Future Shock: Computers in the Exam Room
3 October/November, 1982 De-Hexing Your System
4 December/January, 1983 Communications
5 February/March, 1983 A Tool for Today's Thinker
6 April/May, 1983 Is Portability A Myth?
7 June, 1983 The Next Logical Step
8 July, 1983 Going Hollywood: Video to Silver Screen
9 August, 1983 Born to Travel
10 September, 1983 Stalking the Market - Stock Portfolios on Disk
11 October, 1983 Computer Prospecting
12 April/May, 1984 (back after a long hiatus) WordStar - dBase II - SuperCalc Data Sharing
13 July, 1984 Public Domain Software
14 November, 1984 After Years of R&D The Vixen Arrives
15 January/February, 1985 Manufacturing the Vixen
16 March/April, 1985 Preparing Your Taxes With US
17 May/June/July, 1985 In the Field

The Portable Companion was published for the community of portable computer users working on the Osborne 1 and others in the Osborne line. The magazine was sponsored by Osborne and aligned itself with a variety of Osborne users groups.

The 17 issues above appear to be the full run of the magazine. If you have knowledge of any other issues please let me know so I can update my list. If anyone has an extra copy of the 7/84 issue to sell I'd love to complete my collection!