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Sanyo MBC 550 System

Manufacturer Sanyo
Model MBC 550
Date Announced 1982
Date Canceled 1988
Number Produced tens of thousands
Country of Origin Japan
Price $800 and up
Current Value $50+
Processor Intel 8088
Speed 3.6 MHz
RAM 128K-640K
Storage 1 or 2 floppy drives (160 or 360K)
Expansion Optional CGA card, optional RAM expansion
Bus None
Video Various graphic modes up to 640x400
I/O Serial, Parallel, etc.
OS Options MS-DOS
Notes Sanyo attempted to enter the PC market with this machine, borrowing some technology from their consumer electronics experience. The machine was not a true PC compatible and, as such, had a hard time.
Related Items in Collection IBM PC and other related PC clones.
Related Items Wanted Additional machine-specific software.

The Sanyo MBC was an interesting early PC work-alike with limitations in functionality, expandability and compatibility that limited its success.

The system in my collection is in near perfect condition in the original boxes with the original packing material, manuals and so on.

Sanyo MBC 550 Screen
Sanyo MBC 550 System Unit
Sanyo MBC 550 Manuals
Sanyo MBC 550 In Box

(Submitted September 5, 2012 10:46:32 by Shane Z)

I may have Turbo Pascal. I have this same machine, or it may be the MBC-555 which could read both sides of the floppy - double density ones only, not high density.

(Submitted December 14, 2011 22:06:43 by Gerry)

I am trying to track down any & all sanyo mbc 550 software. Do you have any software to go with this machine. I have easywriter, calcstar, wordstar and a bunch of basic programs. I grew up with this computer & am currently re visiting the software via emulation in MESS.

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