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Synertek Systems SYM-1

Manufacturer Synertek Systems
Model Sym-1
Date Announced 1978
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced About 50,000
Country of Origin United States
Price $240
Current Value $50+
Processor MOS 6502 (manufactured by Synertek)
Speed 1 MHz
RAM 1K-4K onboard
Storage Typically Cassette Tape
Expansion Expansion bus for various peripherals, 4 ROM sockets for additional functionality.
Bus Semi-proprietary, shared with Rockwell AIM-65.
Video 6 character LED
I/O Serial and Cassette IO on-board
OS Options Monitor, BASIC and other ROM options
Notes The Synertek SYM-1 was a 6502 evaluation system designed to showcase the 6502, much like the KIM-1. Built later, the SYM-1 offered several things the KIM-1 did not including on-board ROM and an on-board speaker.
Related Items in Collection KIM-1, Rockwell AIM-65 and others.
Related Items Wanted Manuals, additional ROMs, software, keyboard and other expansions.

The SYM-1 was a nice, relatively inexpensive single board computer that offered a lot for its day.

The SYM-1 in my collection is not currently working.

(Submitted December 17, 2009 20:38:07 by Barney Lejeune)

I purchased one of these new way back when. There was even a quasi computer group for SYM-1 owners that was run by a college professor in California. I think I still have copies of the monthly or semi-monthly newsletters published by the professor in a binder someplace. I still have my SYM-1 even though I have not turned it on in years. There was even a SYM ASCII terminal built for it. I still have the terminal too. I interfaced my SYM-1 to a floppy drive because I got tired of using cassette tapes, but it was slow and difficult to use. I sold the floppy drive, but kept all of the other components.

(Submitted September 15, 2009 10:39:20 by john morehart)

i picked up two of these boards and would like to know more information about them sym 1 can you tell me more about them john

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