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TRS-80 Model I system unit without the numeric keypad

Manufacturer Tandy Radio Shack
Model TRS-80 Model I
Date Announced 1977
Date Canceled 1981
Number Produced Hundreds of Thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price About $600 for the base machine with display
Current Value $25-$250
Processor Zilog Z80
Speed 4 MHz
RAM 4K to 16K internally, 32K additional in the expansion interface
ROM 4K (12K on the Level II)
Storage Cassette tape, 5.25" floppy disks (optional)
Expansion TRS-80 Expansion Base
Bus N/A
Video 64 x 24 text, 128x48 graphics (modified text) on a monochrome monitor
I/O Parallel and Serial with expansion unit
OS Options TRS-DOS, NewDOS, others.
Notes The TRS-80 was one of the first "complete" personal computers available. It was introduced at around the same time as the Commodore Pet 2001 and the Apple II and competed with those machines directly.
Related Items in Collection Expansion Interface, Disk drive, some software, most manuals, TRS-80 Model I with Numeric Keypad
Related Items Wanted Additional software, disk drives, voice synth unit, other Tandy peripherals (modem, hard drive, etc.)

There are currently 3 TRS-80 Model Is in my collection. Two are versions without the numeric keypad, both of which have been upgraded to Level II ROMs. Both are fully functional.

The system unit is complete and in very good shape. As is typical with these units, some of the silver paint has worn away below the keyboard. I'm not sure why Radio Shack didn't just make them that way!

TRS-80 Model I display

The monitor is a modified black and white RCA 13" television set. The tuner was removed and a nameplate added during the conversion.

TRS-80 Model I Expansion Interface

The expansion interface is designed to sit behind the CPU/Keyboard and beneath the monitor. It contains the power supply for the system unit, up to 32K of additional RAM, two cassette ports and a floppy disk interface.

TRS-80 Model I 5.25 inch floppy drive

The TRS-80 floppy drives were typical full-height, soft sectored 35 or 40 TPI units storing about 140K or so of data.

TRS-80 Model I full system

When assembled into a full system the setup requires a number of interconnects and at least 4 power plugs (with one disk drive)

The TRS-80 Model 1 Documentation

The system came with a complete set of documentation for BASIC, TRS DOS, the Expansion Interface and the machine itself

Thank you to Bob Wickman who donated one of these machines along with a bunch of other TRS-80 Model I gear.

(Submitted July 18, 2012 11:02:36 by Chris)

Here is a TRS-180 for sale e/TRS_180_For_Sale.htm

(Submitted June 1, 2012 11:00:56 by Walter)

TRS-80 model 1, ran at 1Mhz not 4Mhz. The Newer 4 and 4p ran at 4Mhz.

(Submitted March 27, 2012 23:03:39 by Frank)

I'm looking for a complete TRS-80 model one, expansion interface, level II, disk, cassette if possible. Anyone have one for sale, please email. Thanks

(Submitted November 7, 2011 21:15:30 by Donna)

I found the game Dungeons of Daggorath in an abandoned house. I was just wondering what kind of value it has.

(Submitted November 1, 2011 21:33:18 by Scott Rogers)

I am interested in a working Model 3. Pretty much any configuration as long as it has at least one disk drive and it works.

(Submitted September 28, 2011 13:07:02 by Daniel B)

Hi, I have one of these, just like the photo (TRS-80 Model 1 Level II). Keyboard (with numeric keypad i think), cpu expansion, monitor, 2 disk drives (but missing the cpu-to-drive cable), manuals, all working. Let me know if interested and want pics. Drumheller, AB, Canada.

(Submitted July 24, 2011 05:14:10 by Yvon)

Still looking for a TRS-80. If anyone is interested in finding a new home for one tjis would be a good tom ;-)

(Submitted July 10, 2011 17:37:32 by Yvon)

I'm looking for a TRS-80 model 1 with all accessories. Please contct me to negociate.

(Submitted July 2, 2011 14:34:52 by E Haberly)

i have a trs-80 computer, lots of magazines. has been in a box for a while(of course). email me and i will pull it all out and get model numbers and find out exactly what i do have-reasonable offer plus shipping.

(Submitted June 14, 2011 14:11:54 by Pat McArron)

I have a complete version of the TRS-80 Model 1 computer with printer and original box. I purchased this myself brand new when it first went on the market at Radio Shack. If interested - send me an email.

(Submitted May 31, 2011 16:25:35 by Dan Kennison)

Hello I too, have a complete TRS-80 model one in very good shape with all cables and dust covers. Includes keyboard, interface, screen, and 2 5 1/4 drives. Cosmeticaly very good. Case broken on interface power supply, probably dropped. Otherwise does not appear to be damaged. It worked when I stored it. Sorry, no books. Original shipping cartons. Will donate for cost of shipping. Contact

(Submitted May 9, 2011 06:21:30 by David)

Collecting Model I components, especially software in the original R/S binders. Also looking for a working TRS-80 Line Printer I or VII, and an Exatron Stringy-Floppy! Contact if interested in selling any of your TRS-80 Model I items.

(Submitted April 2, 2011 10:54:13 by brian)

i have a system just like the one in the pic. two mini disk drives and the printer original desk and all.if interested send me an email

(Submitted March 2, 2011 21:36:05 by Philip Insalaco)

I have a TRS-80 Model III with the manuals etc. still in its original box. I need the space it occupies. All reasonable offers considered plus shipping from CT unless you want to pick it up. P.S. One of the keys was sticking when it was put away around 15 years ago.

(Submitted January 31, 2011 18:08:26 by Anonymous Student)

Willing to part with a TRS - 80 Keyboard, Disk drive, 2 Joy sticks. Any reasonable offers considered. Shipping at your expense. Thanks for taking the time to review this post.

(Submitted December 28, 2010 07:02:08 by (a href=mailto:questiontrs80model1)

i have just plugged in my trs80 model 1 computer after nearly 25 years stored in the box.. it powers up but i have all zero's on the main screen. dont remember them being there the last time i used it.. any ideas???

(Submitted November 11, 2010 22:20:58 by Joel King)

I have a TRS-80 like new in its original box with lots of books and tapes.I would like to sell email is

(Submitted July 3, 2010 23:32:00 by Bill)

I have a TRS-80 with games and joysticks and origional manual that I am looking to sell if anyone is interested I will take any offer

(Submitted May 22, 2010 19:58:00 by David)

OH! PS: I'm looking for one in New Zealand or near.

(Submitted April 28, 2010 01:26:39 by David)

I'm very interested in buying one. Let me know if you are still selling! How much are you asking??

(Submitted February 28, 2010 10:24:35 by Gert De Gelder)


I want to sell my trs-80 model 1, monitor, keyboard, interface and 2 floppy drives.

Let me knwo when interested

(Submitted February 11, 2010 10:23:22 by Paul)

I'm in the market for a TRS-80 Mod III, working or not is OK, need good case! Thanks ~ Paul

(Submitted October 26, 2009 14:35:49 by jm)

I have a TRS 80 for sale. Cover, Keyboard, cables, and screen and owners manual. Did work.

(Submitted October 1, 2009 16:38:30 by Steve)

I never owned this computer, but I collected comics when I was a kid and there was a collaboration between DC comics and Radio Shack to create a limited run of comics featuring Superman and the Radio Shack whiz kids.

Here is a pic of the comic:

(Submitted September 29, 2009 10:56:36 by Marco Acuna)

Love my old TRS-80 I, I got when I started High School in the fall of 1979. $500 my father paid for it, I was on his back to get one since summer that year. When I got, I spend every minute with it, by January I was creating program that were too big for the 4K memory and could not afford the expansion module.. Next summer Senn High in chicago, where I attended, got a mini-system from the board of ED, and obsolete system, but again I spend every day and afternoon until the had send me away for the day.. I went to Devry, but already knew more than teachers could teach me, and left for a good job at UIC hospital in 1987.. in couple of years I was making good $$$ had a new car and lived the life, all because my little TRS-80 in the fall 1979.. TRS-80 I love you!!!

(Submitted June 30, 2009 22:11:22 by jeff oliphant)

I have an early model 1 with the early expansion interface. It has the buffer mod, but i don't have the buffer cable. does anyone know where to get one, or how to make my own? thanks,

(Submitted June 18, 2009 17:03:28 by Kim)

TRS-80 Color Computer for sale. Accessories and manuals included. It worked, the last time I tried it - in about 1981. It has been in storage since then. Any idea on value?

(Submitted May 27, 2009 20:20:53 by Kevin A)

Looking for a CoCo3 modem pak manual.


(Submitted May 18, 2009 12:42:04 by David)

I have a very original TRS-80 that has been stored for the last 20+ years. I'm not sure of the condition. I bought it new the day it came out. According to a tech at Radio Shack it was the 501st one made. About a year later I got the expansion box, and floppy disk and updated the ram. I had loads of software and books (also stored). Hopefully, I'll have it up and running in the next few months.

(Submitted April 16, 2009 08:07:07 by Kevin)

I have a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 that i found new in box. the manual still had static in it and looks like just off the press. it has been turned on once when i tested it and all works like new. anyone interested email me at

(Submitted April 3, 2009 09:10:10 by Alva Allen)

I have a lot of multiple trs-80 systems, programs, and manuals. If anyone is interested email me Ill send pics and a complete list of what I have.

(Submitted March 15, 2009 09:10:30 by James Pettey)

I have a TRS-80 6 pen Plotter, Model 191Z (Catalog 26-1191); mint condition, no pens. Includes data cable and clear plastic cover. Has been in climate controlled storage for over 20 years. Original cost was $ 1995.00.

(Submitted January 23, 2009 12:17:38 by Bill Caldwell)

I have a similar situation to Mike Boughton (above), except mine is a Model 4. It worked when last used, but has been in my attic for many years. I also have manuals and many copies of 80 Micro magazine. I would like to find a good home for it all.

(Submitted January 22, 2009 11:37:46 by henry)

in search responce you list a printer is one included- could any printer be attached to expansion interface or is a special printer needed

(Submitted January 15, 2009 20:21:59 by Nathaniel Ward)

Hello, i have a trs 80 model 3 and 4, i beleive the screen on the model 3 is dead, and the keyboard on the model 4 is abit wierd, useable, but irritating. i was wondering if any one is interested, or knows how much these may be worth. my email is I also have a compaq portable 2 and 3, both have problems, but im sure they are easily fixable.

(Submitted October 27, 2008 14:23:40 by William Adams)

I have a TRS-80 Color Computer Technical Reference Manual (Information for Programmers and Technicians)+ a Motorola Semiconductor Advance Information on MC6809, MC68A09 and MC68B09 + I also have a Dragon 32 (faulty) and a Acorn Electron computer (not able to test it as I do not have a power supply) I live in the UK

(Submitted October 13, 2008 17:20:00 by ginger )

I also have a TRS-80 COMPUTER for sale: I bought it from spokane falls college in spokane wa. i saw it all work, but, i never have put it back together again. i am a senior citizen and have had health problems, so, I have to sell it. email for all the pics and info. I havent set a price yet, so I am open. its being stored. GP

(Submitted August 17, 2008 19:11:51 by Mauriece)

I have a TRS-80 Model 3 for sale. Make offer.

(Submitted June 23, 2008 22:20:24 by Randy)

Hi! I'm looking for a TRS-80 Model 4. A model in working condition would be great, but I also have some interest in a non-working model that is in very good cosmetic condition with all visible parts in place and with an intact case. Please email me at if you have something that meets, or nearly meets those criteria. I'm a tinkerer by nature and think it would be fun to work with one of these. Thanks!

(Submitted June 23, 2008 22:25:06 by Randy)

If I said a Model 4....I erred. Looking for a trs-80 model 3. Thanks

(Submitted June 2, 2008 12:41:07 by Bill)

I have a TRS 80 Model II with a keyboard problem, some software and a working, at least last time I used it, DWP 410. Need the space. Would like to sell all or part.

(Submitted April 22, 2008 11:31:49 by Videogamerdaryll)

Awesome Site,I have some cassettes Defense Command,Stellar Escort,Meteor Mission 2,Cosmic Fighter on Ebay and was curios to what a TRS-80 Model I & III looked like as the games look quite cool. I'd love to see what the Cassette unit looks like..

(Submitted February 6, 2008 15:06:13 by William R. Cousert)

My first computer was a Model 1 (4k, level I BASIC).

I'd like to find another. Email me if you have one for sale. I'd prefer one in Southern California.

(Submitted August 27, 2007 11:06:10 by Tom Lake)

You have the TRS-80 Model I listed as 4 MHz. That's incorrect. The Model I was 1.77 MHz. The Model II was 4 MHz, The Model III was 2.03 MHz and the Model 4 (*NOT* IV) was 2.03 or 4 MHz.

(Submitted April 11, 2007 10:59:41 by Andy Wing)

Anyone else discover the dump memory to screen trippy graphics for this machine?

(Submitted April 10, 2007 23:07:28 by (a href=mailto:)Mike Wall(/a))

I wrote games for the TRS-80 back in 1980. That was a fun machine to program, so simple. Hard to even imagine, let alone remember, it had black and white graphics with just 128x48 pixels on the entire screen!

(Submitted April 8, 2007 01:35:17 by Cathy Bradford)

I have an old Tandy 3000 complete with Berneli Drives and Manuals that needs a new home. Any takers??

(Submitted April 4, 2007 15:46:03 by Gary Booth)

I have a TRS80 model 4 to dispose of to a good home. It comes with Tandy printer, and an extra hard drive plus discs and all handbooks, plus dictionary etc.Tel: 0117 9640665

(Submitted November 23, 2006 09:15:30 by Al Hartman)

It was never called Step Two ROMS, as in the picture further down the page, the more advanced BASIC was ALWAYS called Level II, there was even a Level III BASIC available that one could load from tape.

I recently won an LNW-80 Computer on eBay. The LNW-80 was a clone of the TRS-80 Model I that had additional features like High Speed, Integral LowerCase and more...

I still have my original 1979 Vintage Model I computer, that started life as a 16k Level I computer and has been extensively upgraded to Level II, Lowercase, Turbo Speed, and more...

It's not working well any more. But someday I'll take the time to repair it and get it running again.

(Submitted October 9, 2006 18:08:30 by Jeff Cramer)

My Dads old TRS 80, Model II is available. My Mom wants to find a home for it, maybe get a tax deduction.

This unit, I'm pretty sure, is in original boxes, lightly used. 64k ram, Disk expansion unit, Line printer V with stand. Lot's of 8 floppys. Software: Visicalc, Gen. Ledger, Accts Pay, Accts Rec. All cables.

My Dad bought this to go into business with but died before that could happen. The computer has been boxed ever since.

Email me if there is interest. Arizona

(Submitted September 29, 2006 21:49:11 by Tony)

I have the following: TRS80 Model I LII 48K, Tandy green screen, nonstandard (Gnomic) expansion interface with built in double density upgrade and integral floppy drive, and another external drive, two 80 track DD drives, and a Model 4P. I was a great supporter of Tandy machines, and ran the West Herts TRS-80 Users Group in the UK - and am still amazed at the incredible quality of L-DOS operating system. Here in the UK we also had a TRS-80 Model I clone called a Video Genie (Japanese) which had a built in cassette recorder/player. Anyone want to know about TRS-80s I, III and 4, please drop me a line!

(Submitted August 5, 2006 11:56:17 by Sherman)

I went through college first with a Vic, then upgraded to a Trash 80 Model IV. Never did get around to getting the acceler8 kit for it. I kinda miss fighting the TRS-DOS/LS-DOS vs MS-DOS battle.

(Submitted July 29, 2006 20:55:04 by Tom)

I have a Model 1 LII with a 5 1/4 drive. I also did some mods to add 2 8 disk drives with a switch to boot from a 5 or an 8. Note: The 5 1/4 drive capacity is 189K. By punching holes in the outer diskette case you can reverse the disk and write on the other side (flippy disk).

(Submitted July 4, 2006 21:26:15 by Mike West)

I am looking to buy a TRS-80 Model III. If you can help me, email me at

(Submitted June 29, 2006 10:37:48 by Gabriel Moore)

I have a New in the Box (Yes I said New in the Box) TRS-80 Type II with 16k catalog number 26- 1056. It has the Tape drive and monitor all packaged in the box. Never used. The box was open, but the computer was never used. I can submit pictures of this for verification. The stickers around the door for the power button that reads (Read manual first) has never been cut or removed. I do not have the origional reciept, but I do have the contract for the extended warranty showing the origional purchase date as 10/02/78 and the origional warranty expires 12/03/79 and the extended warranty expires 12/31/80. The monitor tape drive and computer it self are all new, never used. If interested, leave me an email and I will send a phone number (In Iowa) and photos for you to verify the condition of the machine.

(Submitted November 11, 2005 08:12:00 by Erik Klein)

Instead of a picture I'd love to get a machine! :)

The Micral was an 8008 based PC (I think you had a typo in your posting) that came out just before the Scelbi (another machine I'd love to get!) and it does hold the honor of being the first microprocessor based personal computer. Most, however, consider the Kenbak-1 to be the first Personal Computer since it offered most or all of what the Micral, Scelbi and others offered but earlier although without a microprocessor.

Firsts are always qualified, I guess. ;)

(Submitted November 11, 2005 06:46:16 by Claude BARBOT)

If you want, I can send you photo of the first microcomputer in the world : Micral_N designed on 1973. It's the first microcomputer based on the 8080 chip with bus for add on cards. The stack was got with an I/O board of 256 bytes to replace the 7 level included in the 8008. It's the ancestor of ALTAIR, and later PC ...

(Submitted September 27, 2005 09:26:21 by Chrisitina)

I have the following cassettes for this machine: Color File Cat. No. 26-3103 Personal Finance Cat. No. 26-3101 Football Cat. No. 26-3053 Atom Cat. No. 26-3149 Color Cubes Cat. No. 26-3075 Wildcatting Cat. No. 26-3067 Bridge Tutor Cat. No. 26-3158

I would like to know how much these are worth, if anything.

(Submitted August 19, 2005 15:22:20 by Gamefreak)

i have a trs-80, i dont know what type tho. Its in storage and its 1 unit that plays a standard tv. You can animate and play cartridges. do u know its value? I have a game dungeons of daggorath.

(Submitted May 24, 2005 02:56:53 by peter)

just found a tsr 80 model III, it is one unit i.e kb, screen drives all in one, all original disks and manuals ,also a printer radio shack dwp410, looking for a good home, unless of course it's worth thousands of dollars

(Submitted May 11, 2005 09:50:27 by Jim Moore)

There was also a big hunky dot-matrix printer sold for this model. I think it was a Centronix printer in a Tandy case.

I have a hardcopy of the disassembled operating system.

(Submitted April 1, 2005 20:41:49 by Kendrick )

Hello, I am interested as well. My Email address is Also, Mellissa, i know how you feel,I'm 16 and have 12 or so computers and my mom is ready to have a fit!

(Submitted March 15, 2005 14:29:48 by Melissa)

I am extremely interested, but my mom wouldn't approve. I'm only 12 and I have 7 computers already!

(Submitted October 29, 2004 13:58:34 by Mike Boughton)

Not an addition exactly. I have a version of the TRS-80 sold by Tandy (Radio Shack) dating from about 1987. It is essentially pristine but I used it for over a year. The set includes the machine, a printer (thermal paper, and several rolls unused), the telephone modem, floppy drive and 10 disks, all cables, manuals (including a Radio Shack book and tape, Portable Computing with the Model 100), carrying case and leatherette case for the computer iteslf.

I would like to find a good home for it since I am not a collector so much as a pack rat and I have more things than I need.

Please e-mail me if this is interesting enoughto talk about, or call at 808.575.9592.

I found you, incidentally, via eBay, but with difficulty even so.


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